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The Gielinor Games are an event held in RuneScape reflecting the Olympic Games. It is being held in honour of the Olympic Games being held in London for the first time in many years, and since Jagex is a British company it only seems fit. During the Gielinor Games you will be able to compete in a multitude of events and earn various rewards such as costumes and medals.


As of 11 July 2012, Jagex released an update where you could help prepare for the Gielinor Games, by doing several tasks for Oomad Arrow, such as cooking, mining, smelting, and constructing. Preparation for the Gielinor Games can be done once a day.

RuneFest 2011 Announcement

Before releasing a statement on RuneScape website about the event, Mod Mark released a statement at Runefest 2011 that Jagex would be hosting their over version of the Olympics in London.

The olympics are in London next year and we're a British company and we're very proud of it and we'd really like to do some stuff to do with the olympics next year. I'd like to come up with a whole load of different events and different games where you win those gold medals, silver medals, bronze medals. The whole different versions of things in the olympic games, but just a bit more runescapey. So I was thinking about the cycling. Cycling is a bit strange, and they have these teams sports where they're all cycling at the same time and they're trying to catch up with each other and it's kind of a weird relay race. So, imagine if you're on the back of a battle tortoise when you're doing that. How cool would that be? You've got a bunch of people all on battle tortoises running around the track, handing a baton over to each other, you know watching their speed, or trying to work out how much energy they've consumed from running around the track. That's the kind of thing I'd really like to do. Of course javelin throwing would be a lot of fun, but I prefer the idea of kind of aiming at a goblin who's like running around on the track. So, you know distance is important you know, but penetration of goblin, you know? How far can you stick that javelin through your goblin? Is he embedded to the floor, can he move or not, that kind of thing. That's really what I'd like to do."
— Mod Mark


  • The logo for the Gielinor Games are depicting the symbols of five gods: Guthix, Zamorak, Saradomin, Bandos and Seren. This closely resembles the five Olympic rings.
  • The banner carriers are followers of the respective gods. Before this update, however, it was unknown what god the faeries followed; apparently it's Guthix.
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