Gift for the Reaper detail

The gift for the Reaper is a reward from the Motherlode Maw and from Meg of the Player owned portals. It can be occasionally available for purchase for 1,250,000 coins from the Travelling merchant at the Deep Sea Fishing Hub. When the bottle is uncorked, it grants the player 20 reaper points, destroying the gift.

When uncorking the gift, an animation plays where a skull appears above the player's head and a column of black and grey energy surrounds them.

After uncorking the bottle, the player sees a pop-up interface saying "You sheepishly uncork the bottle, releasing souls of ancient beasts momentarily. Death is pleased with your offering. You now have X reaper points."

They also receive a chat message saying You are awarded 20 reaper points for your offering. You now have X reaper points..

If the reaper points are used to purchase an incomplete hydrix which is then sold at GE price, the profit of buying a bottle is 453,867 coins.


  • The animation for opening the gift for the Reaper is the same as activating the soul phylactery.
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