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The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Gift of Giving detail

The Gift of Giving is magical snow mixed with snow imp vomit, and was a reward given to players during A Stray in a Manger after successfully finding all four dogs, adopting one of them, and choosing a home for it in one of four locations. Upon opening when active, the Gift of Giving may contain a Santa sack, accessories to decorate a doghouse with and also stocking fillers, which could be things such as Purple sweets, biscuits, or snowballs. The Gift of Giving cannot be banked, and the inactive version may be re-obtained from the snow imp if it is lost or destroyed.

To reactivate the Gift of Giving, a player must trade their Gift of Giving for another player's Gift of Giving. Doing this reactivates it so that it can be opened and traded again. Players can do this process as many times as they like. Many players trade at World 2 by the Draynor lodestone (near the snow imp). Hopping worlds resets the list of people you have traded with, allowing you to trade with them again after the hop.

Possible Loot




  • Although Monkey Nuts, Purple Sweets, Oranges and Biscuits are Members items, you can still obtain them from the Gift of Giving on Free to Play worlds.
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