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The Gift of Gu is a reward from the Player-owned port minigame from The Tengu's special voyage "Charity Begins at Home".


The voyage will only be offered after The Tengu's three clue voyages have been completed, and only when the port focus is set to The Shield. When the voyage is offered, the player should speak to The Tengu upstairs in Surula's bar about clue voyages and offer a donation of chimes. If the voyage is successful, the Gift of Gu parcel will be received and will contain a random reward. If not all of the Gu outfit is owned, a donation of 25,000 or more chimes will guarantee a parcel containing one of the rewards and a Gu outfit item that the player does not already own.

To complete The Tengu's clue voyages more rapidly, it is advisable to equip the port with four map tables, each costing 3000 jade from The Bowl and 2000 cherrywood from The Scythe, and place three Tengu masks in the hotspots, each costing 1000 chimes. The map tables can be used to obtain the correct destination for each clue voyage.

The outfit pieces are received in the following order: Gu hakama, Gu uwagi, The Way of Gu, and lastly Mask of gu.

Players who have received a Mask of gu can purchase the Waiko Guru unlock from the Waiko Reward Shop for 100 chimes. This unlock halves the cost of re-rolling Arc contracts. This unlock is required for the Salty title.

Possible rewards

Donating more than 25,000 chimes increases the chances of getting pieces of ports equipment and Gu outfit pieces. The possible rewards are:

Messages from the Gu

The message received when opening the gift of Gu changes according to how many chimes were donated:

Chime donation Message
1,000 The Gu appreciate your token donation - every little helps.
2,000–15,000 The Gu kindly accept your small donation.
16,000–30,000 The Gu thank you for your generous donation.
31,000–50,000 The Gu were humbled by your very generous donation.
51,000–100,000 The Gu were ecstatic with your overly generous donation.
101,000–200,000 The Gu, though extremely thankful for your donation, hope they haven't left you destitute.
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