Gilly's outfit
Gilly's hat detail Gilly's top detail Gilly's trousers detail Gilly's gloves detail Gilly's boots detail
Release date 1 October 2015
Members Yes
Components 5
Recolourable No
These cosmetics will not display
in PvP-enabled areas.
Gilly's outfit hat chathead

Gilly's outfit is a cosmetic override set unlocked by using rummage tickets. Each rummage ticket unlocked 1 piece of the following in a random order.

As of 29 August 2017, players can now obtain Gilly's outfit from Balthazar's Big Raffle by handing in 5 raffle tickets for one individual piece. The first piece awarded varies for players but can be found as a cosmetic override in the Customisation interface, in one of the wardrobe slots (i.e. torso, feet, hands, legs, head).


  • Gilly gloves
  • Gilly boots
  • Gilly trousers
  • Gilly top
  • Gilly hat