Gissel mushroom detail

Gissel mushrooms are obtained while Dungeoneering. They heal 75 life points each, and cannot be cooked. 2 to 5 may be harvested from one gissel mushroom spore, or 3 to 10 with a gatherer ring.

Gissel mushrooms cannot be combined by solely with fish like cave potatoes, but they can be combined with fish and cave potatoes.

Gissel mushrooms do not require cooking to be eaten or combined with other foods.


Gissel mushrooms need 34 Farming to grow. They don't need any watering or being cared for like all Dungeoneering plants, so just plant them in the patch and wait. They take about a minute to be ready to harvest.

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  • Gissel means "scourge" or "whip" in Swedish.
  • The graphics of fully grown gissel mushrooms in a farming patch shows 5 mushrooms, but it is possible to harvest up to 10 with a gatherer ring.
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