Gizmos are devices used in the Invention skill to augment items. Gizmos are initially empty shells, which can then be filled with materials to create perks, which can then be applied to augmented items.

Weapon gizmos are unlocked at 3 Invention, which is reached during the Invention Tutorial which also requires you to research it. Discovering weapon gizmos yields 400 Invention experience.

Armour gizmos are unlocked at level 16 Invention, and tool gizmos are unlocked at level 22. These also require a research project to be able to build.

A gizmo dissolver removes gizmos from items, destroying the gizmo in the process. An equipment dissolver recovers a gizmo from an item, destroying the item in the process. An equipment separator will recover all gizmos from an item, leaving both intact. No experience is collected from a levelled item destroyed in this manner.

Gizmos do not stack in the bank, even if they have the same perks.

There are three types of gizmos:

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