Glowing fungus detail

The glowing fungus is a quest item used in the Haunted Mine quest. It is used to light the way in the lower parts of the mine where fire-based light sources are extinguished and tinderboxes become damp tinderboxes by being dropped into a small pool, hence why a glowing fungus is needed.

Being used to growing in a very dark cave, the fungus is very susceptible to sunlight and will crumble to ashes if taken out of the confines of the mine. It crumbles when dropped, too.

It is actually possible to take the glowing fungus out of the Haunted Mine without destroying it. If you have one in your inventory (while you are in the haunted mines), and your membership expires, you will appear in Lumbridge with the fungus in your inventory as a members object. There are other various ways to do this too - such as using pets.


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