Glutton For Punishment
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Get the Corporeal Beast to devour a variety of delicious familiars.
Release date 18 April 2017 (Update)
Members Yes
Category Combat
Subcategory Solo PvM
RuneScore RuneScore 45
Requirements 74 Summoning

Glutton For Punishment is an achievement that requires the player to allow the Corporeal Beast to devour seven certain familiars. The achievement does not require the player to summon all familiars in the same fight, nor does the Beast need to be killed.

The familiars that need to be eaten are:

Familiar Summoning level
Dreadfowl pouch Dreadfowl pouch 4
Thorny snail pouch Thorny snail pouch 13
Pack pig pouch Pack pig pouch 14
Evil turnip pouch Evil turnip pouch 42
War tortoise pouch War tortoise pouch 67
Fruit bat pouch Fruit bat pouch 69
Granite lobster pouch Granite lobster pouch 74


  • The idiom 'glutton for punishment' refers to a person who often undertakes difficult or unpleasant tasks.