Gnome Maze

The southern part of the maze, which is the least dense

Gnome Maze map

A map of the maze

The Gnome Maze is part of the Tree Gnome Village located north of Yanille. The maze must be solved in order to start the Tree Gnome Village quest. After the first completion, Elkoy will be available as an escort through the maze both to and from the village. The maze is also involved in other quests, such as Waterfall Quest, Regicide, and The Path of Glouphrie where the Gnome Village Dungeon must be accessed. Players may find themselves returning here in order to convert a crystal into a Crystal chime.

After completion of Tree Gnome Village, the spirit tree at the centre of the maze becomes the hub of travel when using the spirit tree system, meaning that when using any spirit tree you are taken there automatically. After the completion of The Path of Glouphrie you can travel between any two trees.

Several creatures are found within the maze including Goblins, Hill giants, Wolves, Spiders, Rats, Giant rats, Black bears, and Terrorbirds.

Kalron, a lost gnome, is also found within the maze.

The gnome maze is one of the possible spawn locations for the hide and seek penguins.

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