Gnome glider

A gnome glider

Gnome gliders are a useful method of transportation available after completing The Grand Tree quest. The most common way to quickly access them is by teleporting to Al Kharid with a ring of duelling, an amulet of glory, or the lodestone. They can fly to many locations and can be used in combination with spirit trees and the fairy ring network.


Gnome glider map interface

The Glider Network map.

Gnome gliders are located at:

  1. Ta Quir Priw — The Grand Tree Of Wisdom and Grace.
    • The top level provides normal service.
    • On the 1st2nd floor[UK] there is a special service during the Monkey Madness quest.
  2. Sindarpos — The peak of White Wolf Mountain.
    • Access to and from Catherby and Taverley, but fairly redundant due to lodestones. Also, this place is dangerous to low-levelled members.
  3. Lemanto Andra — Just west of the Digsite near Varrock
    • The glider will crash and players cannot fly back on it. Fast access to Paterdomus or Digsite.
  4. Kar-HewoAl Kharid
    • Fastest access into the network via the Al Kharid lodestone.
  5. Gandius — On Karamja, South of the Shipyard
  6. Lemantolly Undri — Western Feldip Hills
    • To access this location players must have done One Small Favour to the point which they inform Sanfew of the gnome glider's willingness to take him to the Feldip Hills. Players do not need to complete the quest or talk to the gnome glider again to access this area if they have spoken to Sanfew.) Easy access to fairy rings just south-east.
  7. Priw Gnomo Andralo — Just outside the entrance to the Tree Gnome Village maze.
  8. Dylandra — At the Meilyr Clan district of Prifddinas.
  9. Kai-Undri — Tuai Leit gnome colony by the gnomecopter. To access this location players must have rescued Azalea Oakheart, a castaway in the Arc.


Gnome gliders were first envisioned by Oaknock, the famed gnome engineer and advisor to King Healthorg that was present at the Battle of Atarisundri. Although he made progress in designing rough layouts and models, Oaknock passed away before any true advancements could be made.

His equally talented son, Yewnock, picked up glider design where his father left off. Although little is known of the early testing phases, some gnomish captains today, such as Ninto and Daerkin, were amongst the first to test the gliders. That they survived is an indication of Yewnock's abilities.

Gliders soon became an integral part of gnomish transport and military. Despite their success, initially humans distrusted the devices, as equally as the gnomes disputed the safety of giving humans access to the technology. Made out of only leather, cloth, and wood, it is not until the plot of The Grand Tree quest that they can be used. Gnome Air's success has since spread, leading to the recent construction of gnomecopters.

Recently, gliders butted heads with Ali Morrisane's magic carpet fleet over air rights. They now compete for supremacy. Gnome gliders seem to have the upper hand outside of the Kharidian Desert, as the gliders can reach up to 5 different areas. Gnome gliders can take players almost anywhere.


  • If the locations are translated with the Gnome translation guide from The Grand Tree quest, it will yield very interesting (yet accurate) results. Ta Quir Priw, the Grand Tree, translates to 'The Guardian Tree'. Gandius, on Karamja, translates into 'jungle'. Kar-Hewo, in Al Kharid, translates into 'no grass'. Sindarpos, on White Wolf Mountain, translates into 'big rock'. Lemantolly Undri, in The Feldip Hills, translates into 'stupid man lands'. Lemanto Andra, at the digsite, translates into 'man city'. Priw Gnomo Andralo roughly translates to 'Tree Gnome City'.
  • Sometimes at the top of the Grand Tree, Captain Errdo will not be visible, although players may still interact with him.
  • The Gnome Glider pilots sometimes use landing lights on the ground on approach for landing, as shown in the One Small Favour quest, where one of the objectives is to fix several approach light beacons so that they can land in the Feldip Hills.
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