Blue firelighter detail

A Gnomish firelighter is a stackable members-only reward from Treasure Trails and fire spirits. When used on regular logs, they will first turn into the colour of the gnomish firelighter used, then disappear. When the coloured logs are used with a tinderbox, the flame will either be blue, red, purple, white, or green, depending on the colour of the firelighter used.

When burning the logs, the Firemaking experience gained is increased by 10 points, for a total of 50. However, the firelighters do not affect the burn time or Cooking rates of the fire, so firelighters have little use apart from the slight experience boost and decoration. Using a coloured log on a burning log of any type changes its flames to the colour of the log used.


Colour Log
Red firelighter Red firelighter Red logs Red logs
Green firelighter Green firelighter Green logs Green logs
Blue firelighter Blue firelighter Blue logs Blue logs
Purple firelighter Purple firelighter Purple logs Purple logs
White firelighter White firelighter White logs White logs