Goblin Salute
Goblin Salute emote icon
Release date 31 May 2005 (Update)
Members Yes
Sound No
Enhancer No
Duration 2.7 seconds
Requirements The Lost Tribe
Goblin Salute

Goblin salute is an emote that can only be used after completing The Lost Tribe quest. It features the player's character saluting in a goblin-like manner. Once unlocked, it can be performed on a free-to-play world, even once membership has expired.


  • When this emote is done near Mistag, he will shout: "Eek! The war dance!"
  • Originally, when performing this emote, weapons and shields could be seen.
  • This emote can be performed by non-members who previously completed The Lost Tribe quest as members.
  • The old Goblin Salute had the player put his hand up and down while bending over backwards.

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