Goblin Village bosses is a repeatable activity members can complete in Goblin Village. Members can go to the Goblin Village and kill 15 goblins inside the village. For each 15 goblins killed, one of three goblin bosses spawn and attack. The bosses are:

Boss Attack style
Brokeface.png Brokeface Attack-icon.png Melee
Stinkears.png Stinkears Magic-icon.png Magic
Lumpnose.png Lumpnose Ranged-icon.png Ranged

Each boss has a chance to drop the goblin cower shield. This is a side event and can be done whether the player has participated in the Goblin Raid or not. Be sure not to wander past the entrance to the Goblin Village - killing goblins who wander outside the gates does not count.

Killing a goblin boss completes the achievement "Like A Boss", part of the Solo PvM achievements.

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