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Goblin mail detail

Goblin mail is the armour worn by goblins that they may sometimes drop when killed. Players can also find three sets when searching crates in the Goblin Village: behind the generals' hut, next to the western hut, and up a ladder at the entrance of the camp.

Players cannot normally wear it, although three sets of it are required for the Goblin Diplomacy quest.

During the Land of the Goblins quest the player can turn into a goblin using a transmogrification potion in the Goblin Cave and must dye some goblin armour, each of the colours listed below in order to access restricted tribal areas. The only exceptions are red, green and pink, they have no tribes in those corresponding colours (The red-wearing Thorobshuun and green-wearing Garagorshuun tribes can be found in Goblin Village and it is unknown if there is or ever was a pink-wearing goblin tribe).

Most colours can be made by using the appropriate dye, but white and black require special items.

Armour colour Dye
Red goblin mail Red goblin mail Red dye Red dye
Orange goblin mail Orange goblin mail Orange dye Orange dye
Yellow goblin mail Yellow goblin mail Yellow dye Yellow dye
Green goblin mail Green goblin mail Green dye Green dye
Blue goblin mail Blue goblin mail Blue dye Blue dye
Purple goblin mail Purple goblin mail Purple dye Purple dye
Black goblin mail Black goblin mail Black mushroom ink Black mushroom ink
White goblin mail White goblin mail Whitefish Whitefish
Pink goblin mail Pink goblin mail Pink dye Pink dye

After you have completed Hand in the Sand, you will be able to buy pink dye from Betty, in Port Sarim Magic Shop. This will allow you to make pink goblin mail.

The current store price for set of one goblin mail is 6 to 16 coins. In RuneScape Classic the price was an astounding 50 coins, three times more than the price before goblin mail demand increased. New players were delighted to find goblin mail for the somewhat high store value. The Wise Old Man in Draynor will pay 60 coins for coloured mails.

Combat Stats
RequirementsGoblin mail equipped
NoneTorso slot
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Cave goblin11Common
Goblin1; 2; 4; 5; 6; 7; 11; 841Common
Goblin Raider561Common
Hobgoblin28; 30; 32; 35; 911Rare
Hobgoblin (elite)411Rare
Icefiend35; 841Very rare


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  • The original un-dyed goblin mail is also known as "brown goblin mail" as stated in Goblin Diplomacy.
  • There was a glitch where it is possible to wear goblin mail as a human. When this occurs, the player's arms will be detached and their torso will be missing. The glitch was done by wearing the goblin mail in the goblin temple during the Land of the Goblin quest and then saving to the equipment preset. This glitch is no longer possible because of an update making it so that you can only save equipment presets while banking. Attempting to save an equipment preset without a bank will give a message saying that you need the bank interface opened.
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