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Goblin potions are made by using toadflax potion (unf) with pharmakos berries for the Land of the Goblins quest. The potion transforms the player into a goblin, though it will wear off if "in direct sunlight", the player wears something un-goblin related or if the player attacks something. It requires 37 Herblore to make the 3-dose potion and yields 85 xp. The potion cannot be made via the Assist System.


Goblin potion (3).png Goblin potion
Herblore-Make-X GE icon.png
85 XP--
Herblore Herblore level37
Quests Partially complete: Land of the Goblins
P2P icon.png Members onlyYes
Toadflax potion (unf).pngToadflax potion (unf)111,63411,634
Pharmakos berries.pngPharmakos berries1N/A-


Other than getting inside the Goblin Temple, its only use is to complete the Hopespear's Will miniquest; once that miniquest is completed, with no further uses, and being as using the altar to pray has limited benefit, it may be emptied.

A player changing between goblin and human forms.


Talking to Makeover Mage during the quest:

You should only drink it in the area you're going to need it, so you don't waste it. It will reverse itself if you are in direct sunlight or if you perform a strenuous activity like fighting. It will also reverse itself if you try to wear anything that goblins don't normally wear.

Drinking the potion in the wrong area:

There is no point in drinking the potion until you are near the entrance to the secret goblin temple.

Drinking the potion while wearing items:

You must unequip all your items before transforming into a goblin.

Drinking the potion:

You drink some goblin transmogrification potion.

Drinking the last dose:

You have finished your goblin transmogrification potion.

Fighting while being a goblin:

You are caught and thrown out of the goblin temple.

Attempting to equip a Raider Chainbody:

Why won't this fit me? I know it fitted me as a human, and it must have fitted Hollowtoof... Oh I see! All this padding is false muscle to make Hollowtoof look bigger and stronger! Hah! I think I'll stick to regular goblin armor. If I get caught wearing this I'll never live it down.

Goblin selection

After drinking the potion, a window opens to select 1 out of 6 goblin types.

Selecting a goblin

Other types of goblins
Goblin 1
Goblin 1
Goblin 2
Goblin 2
Goblin 3
Goblin 3
Goblin 4
Goblin 4
Goblin 5
Goblin 5
Goblin 6
Goblin 6


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  • When in goblin form you cannot perform the goblin emotes (goblin salute and goblin bow).
  • If you try to equip the Raider chainbody in goblin form, an amusing conversation pops up about how you are unable to equip it.
  • Summoning any of the dead Goblin Priests also reverses the effects of the potion, as they can detect your deception and reverse it with their magic.
  • While in this form, you can cast the Cabbage-Port spell with your Explorer's Ring. The cabbage will appear, but your character will not crouch to fit inside the plant.
  • There used to be multiple glitches where players would be transformed into a goblin outside of the cave.
  • You may equip a Ring of Visibility in this form without changing back into a human.
  • Goblin potions were mentioned during The Mighty Fall, used by human Bandosians to infiltrate the tournament.