These are tasks given by God Emissaries. God emissary tasks can only be completed on a members' world.

Combat tasks

Combat tasks give experience in Combat skills such as Attack Attack, Strength Strength, Magic Magic, Ranged Ranging, Constitution Constitution, and Defence Defence. Completing them all rewards the ability for the God banner to boost any combat skill by five levels for 30 minutes every day.

Task 1

Requirements: 1 inventory space

The first combat task is to kill 10 goblins. These can be any standard goblins, and an area with many of them such as near Port Sarim, Goblin Village or Lumbridge is advised. On killing the final one, you will automatically receive a message fragment in your inventory.

Task 2

Requirements: Level 25 Attack, Ranged or Magic, 1 inventory space

Kill White or Black Knights until one drops a message. White Knights can be found in Falador in the White Knights' Castle, while Black Knights can be found in the Black Knights' Fortress north of Ice Mountain and at the south end of the Taverley Dungeon. If you wish to kill knights in the fortress, a disguise is required to enter unless you enter via the Skull of Remembrance.

Task 3

Requirements: Level 30 Attack, Ranged or Magic

You will be tasked with challenging the soldiers in Yanille for 3 minutes. To start the challenge, you must stand on the flower bed south of Bert's house and then contact the emissary on your god banner - choosing "Start diversion". Within the 3 minutes, you will fight incoming soldiers in an isolated scene. If you kill a soldier, a new one will teleport in. One easy way to finish this task is to bring 6-7 pieces of food and unequip your weapon (or use any fun weapon such as a rubber chicken), so that you stay in combat longer. You do not need to kill a certain number of soldiers, just stay in combat and survive for 3 minutes. Turning auto-retaliate off without retaliating back does not complete the task. 

Task 4

Requirements: Level 40 Attack, Ranged or Magic, 1 inventory space

Kill Kalphite Workers until one drops a curved artefact. Kalphite Workers are found inside the first level of the Kalphite Hive in the Kharidian Desert. The hive requires a rope to enter for the first time, but is not required thereafter. The hive can be reached relatively quickly by using the fairy ring biq, or simply by heading west from Shantay Pass.

Task 5

Requirements: Level 50 Attack, Ranged or Magic, 3 inventory spaces

Kill jogres, demons, and blue dragons until they drop 5 jogre talismans, a demon horn and a perfect blue dragon scale. A number of demon varieties work, and baby blue dragons count for the dragon task. It is recommended to kill baby blue dragons and lesser demons in Taverley Dungeon and jogres on Karamja near the Shipyard.

Task 6

The black demon from combat task 6.

Requirements: Level 55 Attack, Ranged or Magic

Empower the prepared curved artefact to create an empowered curved artefact. To do this you must go to the fire altar ruins north of Al Kharid. When there, use it on the ruins and a black demon will appear. The demon is as tough as a standard black demon and attacks with magic, so melee is unadvised. It is weak to ranged, and drops nothing. Afterwards, the artefact will be empowered.

If you have a pet with you during this task, you will be "forced to abandon your fight with the demon before the ritual is complete." Also, if the black demon appears and then immediately disappears, stand further from the altar. If this happens, you will see a message telling you to use the artefact on the altar again. Move further away first.

Skilling tasks

A player lighting a bonfire in order to contact their god's agent.

Skilling tasks give experience in Smithing Smithing, Cooking Cooking, Mining Mining, Woodcutting Woodcutting, Fishing Fishing, Crafting Crafting, Runecrafting Runecrafting, Summoning Summoning, Prayer Prayer, Thieving ThievingHunter Hunter, and even Magic Magic. Completing all of them will give the god banner the ability to boost any of the above non-combat skills by two levels for 30 minutes every day.

Task 1

Requirements: 13 Cooking or 14 Smithing, 3 bowls, 3 eggs, and 9 bronze bars

Make 3 bowls of scrambled eggs or smith 3 bronze 2h swords yourself. The scrambled eggs can be made by adding an egg to a bowl and then cooking it on a range.

Task 2

Requirements: 30 Fishing, Mining or Woodcutting

Gather 5 metal fragments whilst Mining, Woodcutting, or Fishing on resources of skill level of 30 or higher. The following resources count:

  • Mining: Coal or above (pure essence, concentrated ore deposits or Seren stones do not work, coal automatically deposited to the coal trucks do work)
  • Woodcutting: Willow tree or above (ivy, crystal, hollow trees and acadia trees do not work; farming patch trees do work)
  • Fishing: Raw salmon or above (Barbarian Fishing does work; Waterfall fishing in Prifddinas, Menaphos fishing, Elite skilling outfit, and the Arc Fishing do not work)

There may be a glitch with this task where no fragments are gathered when mining, woodcutting, or fishing. Going into the lobby and then back into a world should fix this.

Task 3

40 Firemaking or 40 Crafting,
16 logs of the same type, or 16 strips of cloth (or bolts of cloth)

Flag built in Varrock Square

Light bonfires by using logs on your banner (for Firemaking experience) or place large flags (for Crafting experience) to contact your god's agents (a woman will appear). This must be done in Rimmington Square, Draynor Marketplace, Varrock Square, and Ardougne Marketplace (a chatbox will pop up once in the correct place). Lighting a bonfire requires 4 logs (of the same type) and 40 Firemaking. Building flags requires 4 strips of cloth and 40 Crafting - with the cloth and banner in your backpack, use the cloth on the banner. You will need 16 logs or 16 strips of cloth in total. Bolts of cloth also work, however a combination of strips of cloth and bolts of cloth does not work. Protean logs do not work for the Firemaking variant.

Task 4

Requirements: 50 Thieving or 50 Hunter


  • Pickpocket bandits or Ardougne knights until you have 5 metal fragments for Thieving experience. Bearded bandits (typically wielding blackjacks) in northern Pollnivneach can be used to fulfil the request as well as the bandits in the pub in the Bandit Camp in the western Kharidian desert. It is unknown what other bandits may be used to fulfil this requirement. Although bearded bandits can be pickpocketed at level 45 Thieving, level 50 in Thieving is still required for completion of the task since you will not receive any fragments from pickpocketing bearded bandits until you have at least level 50 Thieving.
  • Catch implings for Hunter experience. Implings found in Puro-Puro do not count for this task. Only 1 of the 5 needed fragments is needed to be found by catching an impling in order to be given the choice to claim the Hunter experience reward. If the Hunting route is chosen, you may want to do something else while you look for them, but be certain to keep at least two inventory slots open, as fragments (which are stackable) are awarded in addition to the normal loot. Having 75 Dungeoneering is also a good way to find implings as the Al-kharid resource dungeon may be accessed, where 5 implings can commonly be found. Another consistent place to catch low level implings is outside the H.A.M. Hideout near the Lumbridge cow pens.

Task 5

  • Combined level totals:
    • 200 among Summoning, Magic, Prayer, and Runecrafting
    • 100 between Crafting and Smithing
    • At least one of Woodcutting, Fishing, or Mining at level 60, with the remaining two being at least level 30. Example: 60 Woodcutting, and 30 Fishing and Mining
  • Items:
    • One of each rune: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Body, and Mind

Make an empowered metal artefact by using the instructions given in the artefact empowerment instructions.

Exploration tasks

Exploration tasks give experience in Agility Agility. Completing all of the tasks will give the god banner the ability to boost Agility by five levels for 30 minutes every day.

Task 1

Ask vendors to sell armour to your emissary by visiting a helmet shopplatebody or chainbody shop, plateleg shop and shield shop.

  1. Peksa in the Barbarian Village for the helmet shop.
  2. Horvik in Varrock, Wayne in Falador or Zenesha in East Ardougne for the platebody or chainmail shop.
  3. Louie Legs or Ranael in Al Kharid for the platelegs and plateskirt shop.
  4. Cassie in Falador for the shield shop.

Task 2

Find 8 Strange fragments, which can be found scattered around various locations and will show up on the mini-map as dropped items (red dots).

  • Varrock
  • North of Falador
    • North-west of Dwarven Mine (west of Ice Mountain)
    • Just on the outside of the Falador city wall, north of the party room
  • North of Al Kharid
    • Eastern border of the desert area, north-east of the fire altar, by the rock boundary (west of the Mage Training Arena)
    • Western border of the desert area (southwest of the mining site and west of the fire altar and oasis)
  • Southern Asgarnia
    • Falador farm (just outside the Chicken hen house south-west of the Cows)
    • Between Port Sarim and Mudskipper Point (east of Seren emissary, between the jail and the shore)
    • South-west of Melzar's Maze
  • Near Lumbridge and Draynor
    • Inside Lumbridge cow field (north-east of dairy cow)
    • North-east of Draynor lodestone (near the clay mine)

Task 3

Use your god banner on 4 prayer altars. The following altars work, although not every altar works for every player. If not, try going closer to the altar. You will need to be level 30 in Agility in order to claim the full 3,000 experience reward for this task. Lower Agility levels will receive partial awards (ie, 2,000 at level 29).

  • Saradomin Altar in Ardougne Monastery
  • Altar in West Ardougne
  • Altar in East Ardougne
  • Saradomin Altar in Lumbridge Church
  • The makeshift altar in Lumbridge during the Battle of Lumbridge also works
  • Church south-west of Port Sarim lodestone
  • Church south of Seers Village
  • Saradomin altar in north Varrock
  • Saradomin altar on the first floor of the Edgeville Monastery
  • Zaros Altar in Pyramid
  • The Senntisten altar under the Digsite
  • Zamorak Altar in Varrock
  • Zamorak Altar north-west of Falador loadstone, near Goblin Village
  • Vampyric Altar in Darkmeyer
  • Tribute stone east of Falador Lodestone
  • Inside the White Knights' Castle in Falador, on the east side up some stairs
  • Altar of nature
  • Druid Circle altar in Taverley
  • Bandos's remains near the Goblin Village
  • Altar found in the clan citadel
  • All God Statues constructed with Copernicus Glyph will work:
  • Seren Altar in Lletya
  • Tribal statue in the north of Tai Bwo Wannai
  • Chaos Temple when travelled there via Hartwin (after Defender of Varrock)
  • The altar in a player-owned house works for some players
  • Altar in the Iorwerth district in Prifddinas
  • The altar in the Hefin Cathedral also works

Task 4

Make an Empowered strange artefact by visiting the Fire & Water; Air & Earth; Body & Mind altars and using the Strange artefact on them (without the need to go inside). You need to draw power from the ruined altars on Gielinor's surface. This must be done in pairs (separated by semicolons above). Within each pair, only 90 seconds are allowed to travel. There are no time limitations between pairs. The order you do an altar in a pair does not matter (e.g. you can do the Water Altar before the Fire Altar) - similarly you can do the body-mind pair before the air-earth pair. These are some of the quickest methods:

Runecrafting altar Easiest and quickest method
1st pair Fire altar Fire Teleport TabletWicked hood > Ring of duelling > Al Kharid Lodestone > Abyss
Water altar Water Teleport TabletWicked hood > Zamorakian token > Exit through Zanaris > Draynor/Lumbridge Teleport > Abyss
2nd pair Air altar Air Teleport TabletWicked hood > Skills necklace (Cooking Guild)> Skull sceptre > Combat bracelet (Champions' Guild) > Varrock teleport/Spirit tree/Ring of wealth (Grand Exchange) > Abyss
Earth altar

Earth Teleport Tablet > Wicked hood > Lumber yard teleport > Hot-air balloon > Digsite pendant > Abyss

3rd pair Body altar Body Teleport TabletWicked hood > Skull sceptreCombat bracelet > Edgeville Lodestone > Abyss
Mind altar Mind Teleport TabletWicked hoodBandosian token > Goblin village sphere > Combat bracelet (Edgeville Monastery) > Falador lodestone > Abyss

In each case, it's only necessary to have a way of reaching one altar in the pair within 90s, and it's possible to complete each pair by using the home teleport and running from the lodestone closest to one of the altars.

You will need to be level 50 in Agility in order to claim the 7,500 experience reward for this task.

The easiest way to do this if you have the Runecrafting teleport tablets that go directly to the Runecrafting altars you need. This is faster than the wicked hood method as the tablets are one-click teleports, whereas you have to go through an interface while using the wicked hood. The wicked hood has a limited amount of teleports, meaning other items must be used to reach all of the altars or use of a Wicked hood teleport token which recharged the teleportation number of your Wicked hood. Even though the altar teleport tab method is slightly quicker, and can be used to reach all of the altars, it is not recommended due to the amount of time it takes to obtain the teleport tabs, and the level 50 Runecrafting requirement for the Great Orb Project minigame, required for buying the tabs.

One of the simplest and fastest routes is as follows. It requires two teleports on the wicked hood, a Varrock teleport or a ring of wealth, and a ring of duelling.

Begin at the Water Altar (teleport to Lumbridge/Draynor and run there). Use the helmet on the altar and teleport to the fire altar via ring of dueling (Duelling Arena option).
Then run to the earth altar near the Digsite (several possible methods including the gnome glider network, a Digsite pendant, balloon network or Varrock lodestone), activate it with the helm and teleport to Varrock using the level 25 Magic spell or GE teleport on the ring of wealth, run to the air altar.
Finally, use the remaining two charges on the wicked hood to teleport between and activate the body/mind altars, Alternatively go to the body altar and teleport to Falador before running north to the mind altar or using the wicked hood teleport. A third option is to first visit either altar, then just comfortably run north around the mountain and to the opposite altar. The whole event should take you just a couple minutes.


  • Relic helm of Zaros.png Relic helm of your chosen emissary. If lost or destroyed, the helm costs 80,000 coins to replace.
  • Completion of all of the combat, skilling, and exploration tasks will respectively allow you to boost combat skills by 5, a non-combat skill by 2, and agility by 5 once per day through the God banner.
  • Experience - up to 109,250 XP rewards are available.
Task Combat task Skill task Exploration task
1 500 in Attack, Strength
Magic, Ranged
Constitution, or Defence
750 in Cooking or Smithing 500 in Agility
2 2,000 in 4,000 in Fishing, Mining or Woodcutting 2,000 in
3 4,000 in 7,500 in Crafting or Firemaking 3,000 in
4 7,500 in 10,000 in Hunter or Thieving 7,500 in
5 10,000 in 10,000 in
and 10,000 in
and 10,000 in
Fishing, Mining or Woodcutting
Crafting or Smithing
Magic, Runecrafting, Summoning or Prayer
6 2 × 10,000 in
Total 44,000 XP 52,250 XP 13,000 XP
Grand Total 109,250 XP

Completing the tasks is a requirement for the master quest cape.

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