(Recommended items)
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* If using food to heal, [[rocktail]], [[cavefish]], or [[shark]]s.
* If using food to heal, [[rocktail]], [[cavefish]], or [[shark]]s.
* One-click teleport (such as the [[ectophial]]. [[Magic tablet|teleport tablets]], or [[teleport scrolls]]).
* One-click teleport (such as the [[ectophial]]. [[Magic tablet|teleport tablets]], or [[teleport scrolls]]).
* [[Super set]]s are not required, but recommended for faster kills.
* Super potions are not required, but recommended for faster kills.
* [[Antipoison++]] - only needed for bosses that poison greatly: [[K'ril Tsutsaroth]] and [[Nex]].
* [[Antipoison++]] - only needed for bosses that poison greatly: [[K'ril Tsutsaroth]] and [[Nex]].
* [[Stat restore potion]], or an extra super restore potion, for recovering from the icy area above the dungeon.
* [[Stat restore potion]], or an extra super restore potion, for recovering from the icy area above the dungeon.

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For the second God Wars Dungeon, see Heart of Gielinor.
God Wars Dungeon
God Wars Dungeon
Release date 28 August 2007 (Update)
Kingdom Troll Country
Members Yes
Main music Armageddon
Levels 2
Strongest monster Nex: Angel of Death (level 7000)
Dwarf multicannon allowed Disallowed
Quests taking place here None
Inhabitants Various
God Wars Dungeon map

The God Wars Dungeon (often abbreviated as GWD), originally known as the Temple of Lost Ancients[1], is a dangerous dungeon where armies of various gods - left over from the God Wars - fight one another to the death.

Its release was announced in the Behind the Scenes of August 2007.

Navigating towards the dungeon requires having defeated Dad in the Troll Stronghold quest. Reaching the dungeon itself requires 60 Strength or 60 Agility in order to navigate the boulder that blocks the path to the dungeon. Exploring the inside of the dungeon requires 15 Agility regardless of Strength level.

The main level of the God Wars Dungeon contains four different armies. The foot-soldiers of each army are dedicated to one of four major gods involved in the God Wars: Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin, or Zamorak. A deeper level, the Ancient Prison, contains a fifth army, that of Zaros. Combatants of each god on the main level are highly aggressive to any entity not aligned with their side. Wearing a single item devoted to a god renders his followers completely tolerant, unless provoked. Zaros' followers are not as easily calmed; the only way to make them tolerant is with the Shard of Zaros, an item obtained from completing Fate of the Gods.


Main article: God Wars
The battle between the gods

Monsters fighting for their God

God Wars Dungeon centre

An ancient, thawed temple

The God Wars Dungeon is an enormous cavern complex that lies north of Trollheim. It contains an ancient temple which seems to be one of the last remaining battlefields of the god wars. The last active gods of the God WarsSaradomin, Armadyl, Bandos and Zamorak — are fighting against each other inside this dungeon.

At the beginning of the God Wars, an extremely powerful Zarosian general known as Nex was imprisoned inside an icy cave by a group of Saradominists. Afterwards, the Saradominists built a temple around the cave and named it the Temple of Lost Ancients.

Years later, Zamorak had gathered an army so powerful it seemed nothing could stop him from achieving victory over the other gods in this war. In response, Saradomin forged a triumvirate of gods between himself, Bandos, and Armadyl in order to discuss their battle plans. The gods reached a conclusion and forged the godsword, a weapon supposedly powerful enough to slay a god. An army was formed, and the Armadylean Aviantese were given the task of delivering the godsword so that Zamorak could be destroyed once and for all.

Misfortune befell the army, and it was quickly overpowered by the vast Zamorakian forces. An ambush was launched on the Aviantese delivering the godsword in an attempt to seize the sword. The Aviantese fought off the Zamorakians long enough to retreat into the ancient temple in the mountains. There, they continued the fight for the godsword.

God Wars Dungeon temple

The God Wars rage on beneath this ancient temple

Both Saradomin and Bandos sent their forces to lend the Aviantese aid, marking the arrival of armies of Saradominist knights; representing Bandos were the Rekeshuun goblins, ogres and orks amongst other, less abundant troops. Tensions quickly arose amongst the gods, turning them against one another. What was originally a cooperative effort to defeat Zamorak became a battle royale for possession of the godsword.

At some unknown point during the battle, Saradominist priests and priestesses, most notably Ashuelot Reis, were approached by a stranger who spoke of Guthix and how he was capable of ending the God Wars. Ashuelot and the other priests were persuaded to turn against Saradomin and become followers of Guthix. They were instructed to perform a ritual that would allegedly awaken Guthix; however, it was actually Nex whom they would awaken. The stranger, later found out to be Sliske, killed the priests and priestesses after the ritual, having no use for them after reawakening his god's general. Ashuelot, proficient in Guthixian rituals, transformed herself into a nature spirit to keep her spirit alive so that she may pass her story to any adventurer willing to listen.

Despite their aggression towards each other, the four other generals, aware that none of them could accomplish the task alone, formed an alliance to remove Nex from the battle. They succeeded, and Nex was once again trapped behind the frozen door. With the major threat out of the picture, the four generals resumed their battle amongst one another.

As the massive battle raged on, Guthix awoke from his slumber. The God of Balance joined the fray - not for the godsword, but because the battle threatened the very balance of the world. Guthixian forces served as diversions, in order to prolong the battle long enough for the magus Aeternam to cast a powerful freezing spell on the temple, imprisoning the combatants within for thousands of years, effectively ending the war. Present day, the dungeon contains many creatures that are now extinct elsewhere on Gielinor.

Thousands of years later, in the Fifth Age, tectonic activity in Gielinor thawed out the ancient temple and each of the armies within. The now-thawed out combatants of the war are completely unbeknownst to the intervention of Guthix. Unaware that the wars are over, they continue the battle for the godsword.

Not long after the dungeon was active once again, it was discovered by a dwarf, who related the unearthing of this cavern to the Temple Knights of Asgarnia. Fearing the resurfacing of an ancient evil, a contingent of the Knights' best men was dispatched to the dungeon for reconnaissance. Despite being frozen for thousands of years, the might of the ancient combatants had not diminished. All but one of the knights were swiftly slaughtered; Sir Gerry lies dying at this cave's mouth.

How to get there

GWD Entrance

The entrance to the God Wars Dungeon.

  • Players with 61 Magic who have completed The Mighty Fall may use the God Wars Dungeon Teleport to appear just past the boulder, in the icy area with wolves.
  • Players with level 61 Magic who have completed the Eadgar's Ruse quest may use the Trollheim Teleport to teleport to Trollheim. Climb down the east side of the mountain.
  • Players who have partially completed Troll Stronghold may go past the thrower trolls in Death Plateau, use the climbing boots, and then climb up the cliffside, turn left to a wall climb. Turn west towards a shortcut.
  • Players can teleport to the lodestone in Fremennik Province or use the player-owned house portal near Rellekka if their house is there. From there walk east. Look carefully at the world map, and a path can be seen that leads from the Fremennik Province to the land of the Trolls. This route requires climbing boots, partial completion of Troll Stronghold, and a rope.
  • Players with access to the Max Guild can use the PvM portal to quickly access the dungeon.
    • Nex can be accessed this way; this will require charges from the frozen key in order to use. With a full set of ancient ceremonial robes, players can also choose to arrive at the staircase or to Nex's "lobby".

Once at the eastern foot of Trollheim, go north past the thrower trolls (using the Protect from Ranged prayer to avoid constant ranged attacks is strongly recommended). Go up the north-east valley until a large boulder is reached. A player can simply use Surge to go past the thrower trolls without getting damaged. This requires level 34 Magic.

God Wars Dungeon route map

The route to the God Wars Dungeon.

The entrance

  • Push the boulder (requires level 60 Strength). This can be boosted.
  • Alternatively, use the agility shortcut (requires level 60 Agility), which is sliding past the same rock, instead of lifting it.
    • The agility shortcut (climb the rocky stoneholds) further to the north-east is a one-way route from the area into level 31 Wilderness at the Forgotten Cemetery. Players cannot use the shortcut from the Wilderness to get to the area.
  • Once past the boulder or through the shortcut, an icy, cold area before the dungeon entrance is reached. This area will periodically drain the player's stats, run energy, adrenaline/special attack, summoning points and health.
  • There are several aggressive level 71 and 95 ice wolves near the entrance that attack with melee.
  • Make sure all god-related protection items are equipped. A mistake will most likely lead to a swift death.

The Dying Knight

Main article: Dying knight
Knight (Sir Gerry)

The Dying knight

...When the Temple Knights discovered rumours of the ruined temple, they immediately feared the return of some ancient evil and sent a contingent of their strongest warriors to investigate. The knight that lies dying amidst the crumbling masonry is all that remains of that doomed expedition...
  • South-west of the dungeon entrance, talk to the dying knight and receive the knight's notes. The knight asks the player to bring the notes to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park. Players can enter the dungeon without bringing the notes to Sir Tiffy. Players don't even need the notes to enter, just speak to the knight before entering the first time. If the notes are brought to Sir Tiffy, he takes them whether they have been read or not.
  • After grabbing the notes from the dying knight, he succumbs to his fatal wounds. If the notes were not brought to Sir Tiffy (by destroying it), another set of notes can be obtained from his corpse.


Recommended items

God-related protection

All monsters in the dungeon are aggressive to any player unless they have equipped at least one item that is devoted to their god; the exception is the followers of Zaros in the Ancient Prison. Aggression remains for a monster until the battle is over, whether this be one of the combatants dying or leaving the area. As such, unequipping and reequipping a piece of equipment causes monsters in the vicinity to become aggressive but not tolerant.

Only one item devoted to a god is required to pacify all of his soldiers, and having items devoted to a different god or gods does not cancel out the effect of any other piece of equipment. Certain items aligned to Zaros - Pernix, Torva, and Virtus equipment and the shard of Zaros - will grant tolerance from all main dungeon monsters, and the shard of Zaros also negates aggression in the Ancient Prison. For players without any Zarosian equipment, four items are required for full tolerance in the main dungeon, for example, an Armadyl pendant, ancient mace, Zamorak platelegs, and Saradomin cloak.

There are no followers of the god diagonally across from that section in the vicinity in the main dungeon; the one exception to this is followers of Zamorak, who are dispersed everywhere within the dungeon. Within the god encampments, only protection for that god's followers and protection for Zamorak's followers are required. Each encampment only contains combatants of that god and a small, diffuse number of Zamorakians, except Zamorak's Fortress, which only contains Zamorakian followers.

Area Protection required
Armadyl Bandos Saradomin Zamorak
Main dungeon
Armadyl's corner Yes check Yes check Yes check Yes check
Bandos' corner Yes check Yes check X mark Yes check
Saradomin's corner Yes check X mark Yes check Yes check
Zamorak's corner X mark Yes check Yes check Yes check
Armadyl's Eyrie Yes check X mark X mark Yes check
Bandos' Stronghold X mark Yes check X mark Yes check
Saradomin's Encampment X mark X mark Yes check Yes check
Zamorak's Fortress X mark X mark X mark Yes check

God equipment

Slot Saradomin Zamorak Bandos Armadyl All
Head Citharede hood, Saradomin coif, Saradomin mitre, Saradomin full helm, Saradomin halo, Warpriest of Saradomin helm Zamorak coif, Zamorak mitre, Zamorak full helm, Zamorak halo, Warpriest of Zamorak helm, Hood of subjugation Bandos mitre, Bandos helmet, Bandos Full helm, Bandos coif, Warpriest of Bandos helm Armadyl helmet, Armadyl mitre, Armadyl full helm, Armadyl coif, Warpriest of Armadyl helm Torva full helm, Pernix cowl, Virtus mask
Cape Saradomin cape, Saradomin cloak, Warpriest of Saradomin cape Zamorak cape, Zamorak cloak, Warpriest of Zamorak cape Bandos cloak, Warpriest of Bandos cape Armadyl cloak, Warpriest of Armadyl cape None
Neck Holy symbol, Citharede symbol, Saradomin stole, Saradomin's hiss, Saradomin's murmur, Saradomin's whisper Unholy symbol, Zamorak stole Bandos stole Armadyl stole, Armadyl pendant None
Ammunition Saradomin arrows Zamorak arrows None None None
Main hand Saradomin godsword,[p 1] Saradomin sword,[p 1] Saradomin staff,[p 1] Saradomin crozier[p 1] Zamorak godsword,[p 1] Zamorakian spear,[p 1] Zamorak staff,[p 1] Zamorak crozier[p 1] Ancient mace, Bandos godsword,[p 1] Granite mace, Bandos crozier,[p 1] Superior Kyzaj[p 1] Armadyl godsword,[p 1] Armadyl crossbow, Armadyl crozier,[p 1] Armadyl battlestaff[p 1] Zaryte Bow,[p 1] Virtus Wand
Body Saradomin robe top, Saradomin d'hideCitharede robe top, Monk's robe top, Saradomin platebody, Warpriest of Saradomin cuirass Zamorak robe top (vestment robes), Garb of subjugation, Zamorak robe top (Zamorak robes), Zamorak d'hide, Zamorak platebody, Warpriest of Zamorak cuirass Bandos chestplate, Bandos robe top, Bandos body, Bandos platebody, Warpriest of Bandos cuirass Armadyl chestplate, Armadyl robe top, Armadyl body, Armadyl platebody, Warpriest of Armadyl cuirass Torva platebody, Pernix body, Virtus robe top
Off-hand Saradomin kiteshield Zamorak kiteshield, Ward of subjugation Bandos kiteshield, Bandos warshield Armadyl kiteshield, Armadyl buckler Virtus Book
Legs Saradomin robe legs, Saradomin chapsCitharede robe bottom, Monk's robe bottom, Saradomin platelegs, Saradomin plateskirt, Warpriest of Saradomin greaves Zamorak robe legs (vestment robes), Zamorak robe bottom (Zamorak robes), Zamorak chaps, Zamorak platelegs, Zamorak plateskirt, Gown of subjugation, Warpriest of Zamorak greaves Bandos tassets, Bandos chaps, Bandos robe legs, Bandos platelegs, Bandos plateskirt, Warpriest of Bandos greaves Armadyl plateskirt, Armadyl chaps, Armadyl robe legs, Armadyl platelegs, Armadyl Chainskirt, Warpriest of Armadyl greaves Torva platelegs, Pernix chaps, Virtus robe legs
Hands Saradomin vambraces, Warpriest of Saradomin gauntlets Zamorak vambraces, Gloves of subjugation, Warpriest of Zamorak gauntlets Bandos vambraces, Bandos gloves, Warpriest of Bandos gauntlets Armadyl vambraces, Armadyl gloves, Warpriest of Armadyl gauntlets Torva gloves, Pernix gloves, Virtus gloves
Feet Warpriest of Saradomin boots Boots of subjugation, Warpriest of Zamorak boots Bandos boots, Warpriest of Bandos boots Armadyl boots, Warpriest of Armadyl boots Torva boots, Pernix boots, Virtus boots
Ring Ring of devotion None None None None
Pocket Illuminated holy book, Holy book,[p 2] Saradominist token Illuminated unholy book, Unholy book,[p 2] Zamorakian token Illuminated book of war, Book of war,[p 2] Bandosian token Illuminated book of law, Book of law,[p 2] Armadylean token Shard of Zaros
Other Saradomin owl,[p 3] Spirit saratrice Zamorak hawk,[p 3] Spirit zamatrice Bandos Pool (Oo'glog)[p 4] None None

Items that do not work

  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o This item is two-handed and thus may not be used with any of the off-hand equipment.
  2. ^ a b c d Does not require a completed book of 4 pages.
  3. ^ a b Adult stages only; chick and bird stages do not provide protection
  4. ^ The Bandos Pool only provides 1 hour of protection from Bandos followers and requires completion of As a First Resort

Dungeon areas

Main dungeon

  • When a player first enters the dungeon, they arrive near a rope where a massive battle is being fought against all four gods. The god's armies are Bandos, Zamorak, Saradomin, and Armadyl. Moving out of the tile near the rope results in any nearby monsters attacking, if a respective god item is not equipped.
  • Music: Armageddon

Aggressive monsters

All monsters found in the dungeon are aggressive towards the player if they do not have any god-related protection on. However, here is an outlook on some of the monsters that always fight other monsters, which may be advantageous:

God camps and boss chambers

  • At the edges of the main dungeon are camps belonging to the followers of each god. Each camp contains more powerful followers, along with the unique spiritual monsters (minus Saradomin spiritual npcs). Saradomin's Encampment, Bandos' Stronghold, and Armadyl's Eyrie also contain various Zamorakians which fight the inhabitants in the base.
  • Gaining entry to these camps requires players to have certain levels and sometimes use of some equipment.
  • Summoned familiars can enter all four camps, although sometimes they may need to be called after the player enters.
  • Within each camp are doors to the chambers of the generals, each with a Combat level of 500+, along with three level 102 bodyguards and a prayer altar.
    • Each boss chamber is preceded by a lobby. Entering the lobby requires killing 40 or more of that factions followers.
    • Entering the boss chamber itself deducts 40 kills from a player's killcount for that faction.
    • Leaving the dungeon completely resets all killcounts to zero.
    • Boss chambers can be instanced for private sessions.
    • When players enter a boss monster's room, they can only leave by selecting the right-click option "teleport" on the altar - exit via the door they entered through is not allowed.
  • Players who die in the boss chamber require another 40 kills to enter. Players should take only items they are prepared to lose.
    • Gravestones of players who die in a non-instanced chamber are in the chamber.
    • Gravestones of players who die in an instanced chamber are in the boss lobby, which can make them difficult to bless.

Zamorak's Fortress

Zamorak's Fortress

Zamorak's Fortress.

God Wars Dungeon icy water

The icy water that needs to be crossed.

  • Location: North
  • Requires: 70 Constitution to cross the river. (No damage is taken. Boosts cannot be used.)
  • General: K'ril Tsutsaroth
  • Music: Zamorak Zoo

The player's Prayer points are immediately drained to 0 upon entering. The lighting is dimmed and cannot be magnified by any light sources.

The fortress is the only one of the four gods' camps that contains only the minions of its god. No minions of Saradomin, Armadyl, or Bandos spawn here.

Saradomin's Encampment

Saradomin's Encampment

Saradomin's Encampment.

Agility boosters cannot be used to enter the encampment. Familiars can be brought into the Encampment, but may need to be called at the bottom in order to access its inventory. A few minions of Zamorak (werewolves, vampyres, an icefiend, and one gorak) are in the encampment, fighting the minions of Saradomin. Bandos and Armadyl minions do not appear in the encampment.

In the encampment's boss chamber, players can see an inaccessible watery area. This was originally thought to be a future expansion to the God Wars Dungeon, however it was later revealed that it is an abandoned area that was originally intended for an underwater passage to Zamorak's Fortress which was replaced by the current jump across the river due to time constraints.[2]

The main area of the Encampment was increased in size along with the addition of the Zaros section of the God Wars Dungeon, providing many more monsters to fight in the Encampment.

Armadyl's Eyrie

Armadyl's Eyrie

Armadyl's Eyrie.

Eyrie entrance

The gap that needs to be crossed.

  • Location: South-west
  • Requires: 70 Ranged (Boosts cannot be used.)
  • General: Kree'arra
  • Music: Armadyl Alliance (Crossing is not required to unlock the music, just stand at the edge of the pit.)

None of the Aviansie within the camp can be attacked with Melee. There are a few Zamorak followers roaming the eyrie (goraks, bloodvelds, werewolves, spiritual rangers), so it is a good idea to keep a Zamorak item equipped (the unholy book is a good choice for rangers). The Armadyl and Zamorak minions rarely fight one another. No Saradomin or Bandos minions appear in the Eyrie.

Bandos' Stronghold

Bandos' Stronghold

Bandos' Stronghold.

Bandos door

A player banging on the door in Bandos' Stronghold using a hammer.

The gong on the big door must be hit with a hammer to enter the camp. A hammer stored on a tool belt will work. The player automatically enters the Stronghold when the gong is hit.

To leave, simply walk up next to the door and it opens, or click on the door ('Bang on big door'). The door does not always open. If this happens, walk about 3-4 squares into the Stronghold and try again. Simply staying next to the door and repeatedly clicking it does not cause it to open.

A few minions of Zamorak (a Bloodveld, Hellhound, Imp, Werewolf and a few Vampyres) are found lingering in the Stronghold. Only the Werewolf, Vampyre and Hellhound fight the followers of Bandos. The imp is rarely, if ever, attacked.

Ancient Prison

Ancient Prison

The Ancient Prison.

God wars dungeon frozen door

The frozen door at the southern part of the dungeon that leads to the Ancient Prison.

It is in the southern part of the Dungeon, just east of the entrance to Armadyl's Eyrie, is a door with the symbols of the four gods. The door is the entrance to the Zaros stronghold, known as the Ancient Prison. The player must have a charged Frozen key in inventory to open the door. The key must be assembled from four key fragments, one being held by each of the four armies on the main level of the dungeon. The players must enter the encampments of Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin and Zamorak and slay the monsters there to obtain the pieces of the key. All monsters in the appropriate encampment can drop a key fragment.

After passing through the door, the player is in a small, monsterless room with a pit leading to a lower level.
Entering Frozen Door

Entering the Frozen Door.

After climbing down the pit, the player is in another small, monsterless room. The larger room contains dangerous Zarosians, mainly Ancient warriors, Ancient rangers, Ancient mages and Blood reavers. They are always aggressive to anyone who enters the room, unless the player has equipped the Shard of Zaros.

At the end of the room lies a second monsterless room where the spirit Ashuelot Reis can be found. She can access the player's bank for them. In order to access this room, players must obtain 40 Zarosian kill count or use a set of ancient ceremonial robes, which bypasses the requirement. The north part of this room is considered to be a "bank" area to restore health, while the south part is a standard area to allow players to light fires.


The Generals reside at the end of their bases. In order to access them, players must kill 40 of their god's followers first (e.g. killing 40 Bandosian followers to access General Graardor) before they can enter. A soulstone can bypass some of the kill count if it has charges stored, which is obtained by killing the generals themselves. If they don't have the killcount and try to enter, the door does not open for them. Upon getting the killcount, players enter a small "lobby", where players are safe from monster attacks (a bank is provided in Nex's "lobby", and also has a hidden panel at the southern end of the room to access a harder encounter). The second obstacle (door or barrier) asks the player if they would like to enter the room or create/join an instance. Normal and hard mode encounters can be created, apart from Nex's.

The generals and their bodyguards DO count towards the killcount.

If a player is wearing an item corresponding to that god, they receive a +10 Prayer boost for each item (e.g. A player with level 99 Prayer wearing Bandos tassets, Boots, Chestplate, and Ancient mace, Bandos coif, Bandos vambraces, Book of war, receives 1060 Prayer after praying at the Bandos altar).

Saradomin's commander

Commander Zilyana

Commander Zilyana

Commander Zilyana is a female Icyene. Her max hit with melee is 1900; lower than the other bosses. However, her attacks are very accurate and rapid, as she attacks every other game tick.

Zamorak's general

K'ril Tsutsaroth

K'ril Tsutsaroth

K'ril Tsutsaroth's magic attacks tend to hit less than his melee attacks. His melee attack can hit up to around 1300. His weaker magic attack hits a maximum of around 1000, but is commonly used. His most dangerous attack is his special attack which is used at intervals and has a maximum of around 5500 as well as draining prayer. Using protect or deflect prayers does not affect the damage of his special attack, and he uses his special attack regardless. K'ril Tsutsaroth can also poison, however the poison damage taken can usually be healed with ease by Soul Split or ignored safely for high-levelled players; low level players who do not have 90+ in all combat stats are recommended to bring antipoison.

Armadyl's general



Kree'arra cannot be attacked with any Melee attacks. He attacks with melee only when he is not under attack. His Ranged and Magic attacks hit all players in his chamber with a whirlwind attack that knocks players back and freezes them. His maximum hit is 1500 with Ranged, 1900 with Melee and 1000 with Magic.

Bandos' general

General Graardor

General Graardor

General Graardor is very large, brutal, and heavily armoured. Although he does not have a weapon, he still hits very hard and should not be underestimated. He uses Melee and Ranged attacks. His Melee attack can hit up to 2500, whilst his Ranged attack can hit up to 1500 (and hits everyone in the room). Therefore, Protect from Melee is recommended for players who have his attention.

Zaros' general



Nex is an immensely powerful being, and one of Zaros' most powerful weapons of war. She is a member of the Nihil race, a race created by Zaros, which possesses physical traits of the Icyene, demons, aviantese and vampyres, being graceful, yet cruel and vicious. Although Zaros initially considered the race to be a failure, referring to them as Nihil, Nex grew much larger and more powerful in size than the other Nihil, so Zaros took her under his control. She is one of Zaros' most powerful generals, along with Azzanadra and formerly Zamorak.

Angel of Death

Nex (Angel of Death)

Nex: Angel of Death

Nex has been empowered by Zaros' gifts to her - four large crystals which contain a massive supply of shadow, smoke, blood and ice energy. Her praesuls have also become empowered by these said crystals, growing in size and strength.


The most valuable of the items found as drops in the dungeon include the various pieces of the Godsword and other powerful equipment such as Bandos armour, Armadyl armour, the Robes of subjugation, Torva armour, Pernix armour, Virtus armour, the Zaryte bow, the Praesul codex, the Wand of the praesul, and the Imperium core. Apart from the Zaryte bow, all other drops can only be obtained in the dungeon, making it truly unique.









The God Wars Dungeon has received several updates since its first release.

On 20 December 2010, when an 'Open' option was quietly added to the Frozen door. Players who tried to open the door would hear rumbling and an unknown voice talking to them to terrorise them, later revealed to be Nex. It was just a teaser and the door could not be opened.

  • Mortals, only death awaits you here
  • Release me and know despair
  • Face me and know despair
  • All those who oppose us will perish
  • Give me the power of shadow
  • My revenge will be great
  • Face me and you will suffer
  • You cannot imprison me forever
My revenge will be great

On 10 January 2011, when the frozen door was opened to reveal the Ancient Prison and Nex and her army.The update allowed players who acquired a frozen key to enter the prison, fight their way through and defeat Nex and her minions. Notable is the release of a bank in the dungeon (albeit unconventional to reach), the then-strongest monster Nex and many new items, most notably Torva, Pernix and Virtus armour, the Zaryte bow and Ancient Ceremonial robes. Several smaller updates were released involving the Ancient Prison.

On 5 September 2012. It involved a full graphical update of nearly everything in the dungeon (vampyres, Zilyana and K'ril were unaffected, for example, due to having been updated recently), including the generals and their bodyguards and armies, almost all weapons and equipment found in the dungeon, as well as a number of technical changes and a new assortment of audio and music for the dungeon. Drops were also improved, notable being the journals the generals drop which tell of their respective histories.

On 30 April 2013. It allowed for instanced God War boss rooms, similar to the Kalphite King's instance mechanics. God Wars Generals, excluding Nex, were allowed to be instanced, which meant for stronger generals and minions (except for Nex, who was unaffected). Instanced rooms cost 200,000-250,000 coins per hour. There is also a "hard" version of them, which involves much stronger generals and minions, their special abilities from The World Wakes, and as a result in "Hard" mode rewards are much more plentiful along with a special drop called a Soulstone. Also, there is a "lobby" between the main God's room and the General's room. Before this update, a player who died in the general's room would end up having a grave in the boss room, which would make it highly likely that they would lose their items before they could grab them. If a player dies in an instance shard room (not the regular), their grave ends up in the "lobby" so they can reclaim their items somewhat more safely.

In October 2013, the Warpriest armour became available as rare drops from Zamoarakian and Saradomist followers. The rarity of the drop depends whether or not the player already purchased the armour during the Battle of Lumbridge.

In January 2014, more Warpriest armour became available as rare drops from Bandosian and Armadylean followers, along with three new abilities; Sacrifice, Devotion and Transfigure, which were only dropped by Kree'arra and General Graardor.

With the release of Fate of the Gods, the shard of Zaros, an item obtained upon completion of the quest, makes all common enemies tolerant towards the player, including the Zarosian faction. This does not apply to the generals and their bodyguards for obvious reasons.

The ninja fixes of 11 August 2014 included an update to allow players who made an instance to select the spawn timers for the duration of the instance, similar to the Kalphite King. This allows players to have an increased kill rate of bosses without having to wait or crash others.

On 30 January 2017, a harder encounter with Nex was added, designed to be a high-level boss fight similar to that of Vorago.



God Wars Dungeon statues concept art

Concept art of (unused) statues.

God Wars Dungeon statues concept art2

Concept art of (unused) statues.

God War Dungeon Noob

NOOB engraved in the God Wars Dungeon before the graphical update.

  • When standing in the southern edge of the lowest part of Saradomin's Encampment, an underwater area could once be seen to the south with dead bodies floating around using an orb of oculus. This was confirmed to be a place where players would swim through the lake on the way to Zamorak's Fortress, but was eventually scrapped. The area was replaced by the Ancient Prison and is no longer visible.
  • In Bandos' part of the main dungeon north-west of the entrance, there used to be a frozen ork that appears to be shoulder-tackling a frozen man. The word "noob" could be seen on the floor just below the man. The man is at default player appearance as commonly used by macro-ers. This is no longer there due to a graphical update.
  • When RuneScape HD was released, the God Wars Dungeon was featured on the login screen.
  • Prior to the God Wars Dungeon graphical update, players who wanted to enter Armadyl's Eyrie required a crossbow and mithril grapple. Players who wanted to enter Saradomin's Encampment for the first time also had to bring two ropes.
  • Prior to the aforementioned update above, the dungeon consisted of three levels, due to Saradomin's Encampment requiring ropes to get to the next level.
  • In an area of the dungeon, there used be a frozen man stabbing an aviansie with a spear. This is no longer there due to a graphical update.
  • Near the exit, there used to be four frozen orks piling a demon that looked similar to Tstanon Karlak before his graphical update. This is no longer there due to the aforementioned update.
  • During multiple updates, the bodyguards of the original generals became slightly glitched, generating the following problems:
    • The ranged-based bodyguards Sergeant Grimspike, Wingman Skree, Zakl'n Gritch, and Bree, upon their respective general being hit, went into melee range of the player to attack rather than staying at a distance. (fixed)
    • Bodyguards do not respond to their respective general being hit; rather, they only engage the player if they get close enough regardless of the general being attacked or not. (not fixed)
  • Before the Evolution of Combat, every general (excluding Nex) had differing combat levels and equal life points. With the release of the Evolution of Combat, every general was updated to have the same combat level and differing life points. With the release of Legacy Mode, each general retained their life points while their combat levels were reverted to what they were pre-EOC.
  • Along with the release of Legacy Mode, an update to slightly buff the God Wars generals accidentally made them much stronger than intended. This led to players with even the best gear, weapons, and potions being unable to get more than a few kills at a time. This was fixed within a couple days.
  • Familiars once could not enter Zamorak's camp and had to be dismissed. This was changed on 8 July 2009.
  • On 15 December 2010, a life point boosting armour named Torva was leaked. The Behind the scenes of January 2011 revealed that there would be life point boosting armour, dropped by the new Zaros boss monster, Nex, and would be named Torva armour, along with Virtus armour and Pernix armour.
  • In the RuneScape based strategy game "Armies of Gielinor", the God Wars Dungeon is one of the levels which can be played in the Guthix campaign. In this level players have the control over Guthix's army and must defeat the Saradominist, Armadylian, Bandosian and Zamorakian armies.


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