Banner of Seren (tier 4) equipped

God banners, released with the God Emissaries update, are used to show a player's devotion towards one of nine gods. The banner's look will change as the owner completes task sets provided by the chosen god's emissary. Each banner obtains the ability to boost skills for 30 minutes of in-game time based on the set completed.

If a player converts a god banner into a cosmetic override with a keepsake key and subsequently declares support for a different faction, its appearance will change to that of the new faction. God banners are not considered destroyed when a keepsake key is used on them, so your current God Emissary will not offer a replacement (however, a rival Emissary will, if you change sides).


Main-handOff-hand Attributes Style bonus
Style Dmg Acc Style Dmg Acc Defence Constitution Prayer Attack-icon Ranged-icon Magic-icon
Banner of ArmadylBanner of Armadyl Crush 111 150 - - - 0 0 0 - - -
Banner of BandosBanner of Bandos Crush 111 150 - - - 0 0 0 - - -
Banner of SaradominBanner of Saradomin Crush 111 150 - - - 0 0 0 - - -
Banner of SerenBanner of Seren Crush 111 150 - - - 0 0 0 - - -
Banner of SliskeBanner of Sliske Crush 111 150 - - - 0 0 0 - - -
Banner of ZamorakBanner of Zamorak Crush 111 150 - - - 0 0 0 - - -
Banner of ZarosBanner of Zaros Crush 111 150 - - - 0 0 0 - - -
Banner of the GodlessBanner of the Godless Crush 111 150 - - - 0 0 0 - - -
Banner of VBanner of V Crush 111 150 - - - 0 0 0 - - -


There are three types of boosts; each lasts for 30 minutes and may be used once per day, though only one can be active at a time. Wielding the banner is not required for the boost to take effect.

Type Effect
Combat boost Temporarily boosts your Attack, Defence, Strength, Ranged and Magic levels by 5.
Skill boost Temporarily boosts one of your choice in the following skills by 2 levels: Fishing, Mining, Smithing, Runecrafting, Crafting, Woodcutting, Firemaking, Fletching, Construction, Hunter, Thieving, Cooking, Herblore, Farming and Divination.
Exploration boost Temporarily boosts your Agility level by 5.

The boost will often decay to 1 level lower than maximum, and it takes about 10 seconds for it to automatically re-boost. If you exit to lobby while the boost is active, and then login again, the boost won't go down until it actually wears off (after the 30 minutes). This is especially useful when using the boost to train a skill, and you want to get the most out of the 30 minutes. However, if you open an interface that stalls stat changes (such as the bank or make-x) the boost will start decaying again.

The boost is kept if the player levels up during the 30 minutes, boosting their level over their new level after a short delay. If the level of the boosted skill is reduced by another factor, such as a spicy stew, the stat will be restored every 10 seconds until the full boost is re-attained.

Note that other items providing a visible level boost, such as spicy stews or teas in a player owned house, will not stack with the banner's effects. As an example, you cannot drink the best tea (+3) and use a +2 banner boost to get a +5 bonus; it will simply default to the stronger or more recent option, in this case +3 for the tea.

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