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A god bird refers to three different birds: the Zamorak hawk, Guthix raptor, and Saradomin owl. The birds are pets that can be grown at level 70 Summoning from a bird's egg. God birds require two full stages of growth before they mature, the most among all pets. The three stages are 'chick', 'bird', and the mature bird (the final hawk, raptor, or owl form).

The fully-grown Zamorak hawk and Saradomin owl will prevent warriors of their respective gods from attacking the player in the God Wars Dungeon. The Guthix raptor does not provide protection from any faction.


Bird's nest (red egg) detail

A bird's nest has about a 1 in 200 chance of containing a bird's egg through either the Kingdom Management activity, a random drop from Woodcutting, or a reward from an Evil tree. The colour of the egg indicates which bird will hatch from it: blue for Saradomin, green for Guthix, and red for Zamorak.


Except when using a Menagerie in a player-owned house, a player can have only one hatched god bird at a time (at any stage of maturity); however, a player may have multiple bird's eggs without restriction. When a god bird is grown to maturity, placing it in the menagerie allows the player to start incubating an egg for another type of god bird.

In both maturity stages, god birds will grow 10% in the time needed to reach 100% hunger (they don't run away immediately). Therefore the minimum amount of food required to fully grow a god bird is 18: nine ground fishing bait and nine fishing bait. Players should feed at 100% nine times per maturity stage to bring the bird to 90% growth. The god bird will then reach 100% in hunger and growth at the same time, at which point hunger resets.


Type Egg Chick Bird Mature
Zamorak hawk Bird's egg (red) Zamorak chick pet Zamorak bird pet Zamorak hawk pet
Guthix raptor Bird's egg (green) Guthix chick pet Guthix bird pet Guthix raptor pet
Saradomin owl Bird's egg (blue) Saradomin chick pet Saradomin bird pet Saradomin owl pet


  • Before an update removed the ability, players could have multiple god birds in their bank at the same time.
  • Although called raptors, the term raptor applies to any bird of prey apart from the owls.
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