Goebie disguise kit detail

The goebie disguise kit is obtained by using the magic flute on Lunch four times until he gives you the kit, as part of the Mod Deg trading sequence.

If a delicious seaweed is used on the kit it will change into a underwater disguise kit. This is also part of the sequence.

If the kit is operated in Mazcab, the player will transform into a random Goebie. This has a 5 minute cooldown like previous items in the sequence, although lobbying (including hopping worlds) refreshes this timer. This cannot be done inside Raids boss instances. Players using this item during a supply run can still be attacked by other players.

Attempting to activate it away from Mazcab results in the message "Your disguise wouldn't be believable here."

While transformed into a Goebie, you can freely walk for 18 seconds, but if you attempt to do activities, such as teleporting, it will say "You don't know how to teleport, you're a Goebie!" Activities such as Fletching will keep your Goebie form.

During Christmas events in December, some Goebie disguises will be wearing santa hats.


  • Transforming into a Goebie while doing some emotes causes a graphical glitch.
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