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For the permanent version of this item, see advanced gold accumulator.

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The gold accumulator is a reward from the Dungeoneering skill. It initially costs 20,000 tokens, increasing by 20,000 tokens for each purchase, up to a maximum of 60,000 tokens per purchase. The gold accumulator is also a possible reward from the dungeoneering chest in The Faraway Place where Things are Kept. Only one accumulator can be owned at a time.

It collects all coins dropped by monsters and adds them to the player's Money pouch. It can collect a total of 1 million coins before degrading to dust. At 60,000 tokens, the accumulator gives a value of 16.67 per dungeoneering token.

Once the accumulator reaches the 60,000 token price, an overcharge can be purchased for 250,000 tokens in order to pick up an additional 5,000,000 coins. This can be stacked to 21,000,000 coins for a total of 1,060,000 tokens - increasing the value to 19.81 per token.

It can be equipped in the pocket slot, but it does not need to be for the effect to work.

If you die in Wilderness, be careful, as its value is only 25,000 coins. Protect Item will prioritize an item like supreme overload potion for example, instead of saving the accumulator.

The advanced gold accumulator is also available from the Dungeoneering rewards shop, for 1,500,000 tokens. The advanced version does not degrade, but instead consumes 10% of the coin drops it collects. It can also be added to the tool belt for 500 Slayer points.

Combat Stats
NonePocket slot.pngDefenceArmour0
ConstitutionLife points0
Damage--Damage reduction
Accuracy--PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
Style-Style bonuses