Golden Bamboo
Golden Bamboo (tree)
Release date 25 July 2016 (Update)
Members Yes
Logs Golden bamboo
Cannot be grown
Examine A source of high quality bamboo.

Golden Bamboo stalks can be found while exploring Uncharted Isles within The Arc. Chopping the golden bamboo stalks requires at least level 96 Woodcutting harvesting golden bamboo on success, awarding 655.5 Woodcutting experience.

A golden bamboo plant will yield 100 golden bamboos before depleting, leaving a bamboo stump in its place. A filterable message will also notify the player upon depletion of the golden bamboo plant: "The bamboo plant has been exhausted for today".

Experience rates

At level 99 Woodcutting, the expected experience rate for chopping golden bamboo is equivalent to approximately 130,000 Woodcutting experience and 1,000 chimes an hour if the golden bamboo is bundled and sold.

Using the complete lumberjack clothing set, a dose of a perfect juju woodcutting potion, and a hatchet with the Honed 5 and Furnace 3 Invention perks, a player may gain an average of 177,000 Woodcutting experience and 1,150 chimes an hour if the harvests are sold.


If boosts are used to harvest additional golden bamboos the player will not able to obtain more than a total of 100 golden bamboo from each plant. Instead, golden bamboo will be obtained from the plant quicker, and increasing experience rates if experience is gained. However, if an effect activates on the very last harvest of the golden bamboo plant, the player will gain the additional golden bamboo.


  • When a player is near a golden bamboo stalk their minimap will become marked with a Rare tree map icon icon.
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