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Golden Gnome
Golden gnome pet
Golden Gnome
Release date 24 February 2014 (Update)
Members Yes
Race Sentient statue of a Gnome
Source Awarded to the winners of the Golden Gnome Awards
Interface No
Food None
Colour variations No
Examine Your very own golden gnome.
Golden Gnome chathead

The Golden gnome is a pet awarded to the winners of the Golden Gnome Awards at RuneFest events, in addition to a Golden gnome hat.

Like most pets, the gnome can be talked to. For its owner, the gnome will tell some gnome-related jokes, or talk about the achievement of winning it. For other players, the gnome will represent the owner and the category won, explaining that their owner won it at RuneFest.

If a player dies outside Wilderness with the Golden Gnome summoned, it won't disappear and will go with the player to the Death's office.


The name of the gnome varies, as the pet name is displayed as the category for which the gnome was won. The known names are shown below divided per year.

Year Names Year Names
2010 Best Animation 2015 Best Artwork (2015)
Best Animations RSMV Best Comic (2015)
Best Live Action RSMV Best Female Cosplay (2015)
Best Live Action Short Story Best Male Cosplay (2015)
Best Machinima RSMV Best Original Content - OSRS (2015)
Best Machinima Short Story Best Original Content - RS3 (2015)
2011 Best Animation Best Real-life Creation (2015)
Best Effects Best Streamer - OSRS (2015)
Best Story Telling Best Streamer - RS3 (2015)
Best Use of Sound Best Video Guide - OSRS (2015)
Best Video Best Video Guide - RS3 (2015)
Best Voice Acting Best Video Maker - OSRS (2015)
Funniest Video Best Video Maker - RS3 (2015)
2013 'I Should Win a Gnome Because...' Community Champion (2015)
Best Art Hall of Fame (2015)
Best Cosplay Most Entertaining Moment - OSRS (2015)
Best Guide Most Entertaining Moment - RS3 (2015)
Best Live Action Special Recognition (2015)
Best Live Stream 2016 Best Artist (2016)
Best YouTube Channel Best Artistic Creation (2016)
Funniest Video Best Cosplay - Jmod Voted (2016)
Lifetime Achievement Best Cosplay - Player Voted (2016)
Machinima One to Watch Best Old School Streamer (2016)
Top Ranking Player Best Old School Streaming Moment (2016)
Top Saradominist Best Old School Video (2016)
Top Zamorakian Best Old School Video Maker (2016)
2014 Best Digital Artwork (2014) Best RuneScape Streamer (2016)
Best Elf Art (2014) Best RuneScape Streaming Moment (2016)
Best Female Cosplay (2014) Best RuneScape Video (2016)
Best Guide (2014) Best RuneScape Video Maker (2016)
Best Hand-drawn Artwork (2014) Community Champion (2016)
Best Live Action (2014) Hall of Fame (2016)
Best Machinima (2014) 2017 Best Artist (2017)
Best Male Cosplay (2014) Best Artistic Creation (2017)
Best Photo Cosplay (2014) Best New Streamer (2017)
Best Sculpture/Plushie (2014) Best New Video Maker (2017)
Best Series (2014) Best Old School Streamer (2017)
Community Champion (2014) Best Old School Streamer (2017)
Fastest QBD Speed Kill (2014) Best Old School Video Maker (2017)
Hall of Fame (2014) Best RuneScape Streamer (2017)
Lifetime Achievement Award (2014) Best RuneScape Streamer (2017)
Most Corp Damage (2014) Best RuneScape Video Maker (2017)
Most Entertaining Moment (2014) Community Champion (2017)
Most Original Content (2014) Most Creative Cosplay (2017)
Wish You Were in Runescape (2014) Video of the Year (2017)



Submerged Golden Gnome
  • The golden gnome looks identical to the real-life version awarded in 2013.
  • There exist multiple gnomes for those who won them as a group.
  • The clan who won a golden gnome have a gnome statue dedicated to their clan in the Clan Camp. This gnome is known as "Top Ranking Clan".
  • A golden gnome can be found submerged in sand on the RuneFest Treasure Island.
  • 2 players currently own a Golden Gnome pet that didn't actually win it. One is Alexander. Rajj was awarded the Special Recognition for raising a Charity Stream to Alexander, who has suffered from cancer at a young age and opened a Make-a-wish request to go to Jagex HQ. E also owns one for winning an auction during the 2018 GameBlast charity event.
  • If dismissed, the pet cannot be recovered, unless added back to the player's account by a Jagex Moderator.
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