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Golden fish eggs are items that can be gained whilst training Fishing, looting the Motherlode Maw, opening golden prawn crackers, prawn balls or prawn crackers, at a rate of 1/200. They can be gained without the requisite level in Fishing as golden mystery eggs if it is gained through golden prawn crackers, prawn balls or prawn crackers.

It is not possible to gain a second egg of the same fish. At level 99 Fishing, it averages two to three hours per golden fish egg. One golden mystery egg is a guaranteed reward as the Tier 2 Prawn Perk from the Prawnbroker. A Golden prawn cracker, which grants both you and the person you use it on a golden mystery egg, is a guaranteed reward as the tier 4 Prawn Perk.

It is not required to have an aquarium built to obtain golden fish eggs. There are a total of 14 unique golden fish eggs to collect.

Eggs Fish Level
Golden trout eggs.png Golden trout eggs Trout 20
Golden salmon eggs.png Golden salmon eggs Salmon 30
Golden tuna eggs.png Golden tuna eggs Tuna 35
Golden rainbow fish eggs.png Golden rainbow fish eggs Rainbow fish 38
Golden lobster eggs.png Golden lobster eggs Lobster 40
Golden leaping trout eggs.png Golden leaping trout eggs Leaping trout 48
Golden swordfish eggs.png Golden swordfish eggs Swordfish 50
Golden lava eel eggs.png Golden lava eel eggs Lava eel 53
Golden leaping salmon eggs.png Golden leaping salmon eggs Leaping salmon 58
Golden monkfish eggs.png Golden monkfish eggs Monkfish 62
Golden leaping sturgeon eggs.png Golden leaping sturgeon eggs Leaping sturgeon 70
Golden shark eggs.png Golden shark eggs Shark 76
Golden cavefish eggs.png Golden cavefish eggs Cavefish 85
Golden rocktail eggs.png Golden rocktail eggs Rocktail 90