Golden fleece detail

Golden fleece is a quest item used in The Fremennik Trials quest. It is obtained from Lalli after making rock soup. After the quest Lalli sells the fleece for 1,000 coins. The fleece can then be spun into golden wool at a spinning wheel, which can then be used to string the unstrung lyre the player has already made. It is also needed to complete the Odd Old Man's wishlist after Fur 'n' Seek.

More than one golden fleece, can be obtained at a time for more enchanted lyres.


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  • The golden fleece was a magical item from Greek mythology. It was sought after by Jason the Argonaut because it had the power to heal anything.
  • After getting a golden fleece from Lalli, one of the golden sheep is sheared.
  • After getting the golden fleece, Lalli makes a comment on how stupid the adventurer is. Lalli thinks he tricked him/her out of getting one of his golden apples.
  • The golden fleece can be dropped during the quest itself and get more for free. As soon as the quest is completed, 1,000 coins must be paid to obtain more.
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