Golden idol detail

A golden idol can be obtained by mining an idol crablet with a Mining level of 98, granting 5,250 Mining experience, or from catching a salty orokami. It can be sold to Salty Goods for 50 chimes and bought back for 500 chimes.

Two golden idols are a requirement for purchasing an idol crabletine token from Boni. They are consumed upon purchasing the token.


Golden idol Golden idol
Mining level Mining 98
Source Idol crablet
Experience (per ore)
Mining 5250 XP
Equipment 619.5 XP
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Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Salty orokamiN/A1Very rare
Salty orokami jarN/A1Very rare

Store locations

Salty Goods
Merchant Yi Yan
Island Waiko
Price sold at 500
Prices bought at
Base value 50
First upgrade 55
Second upgrade 60
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