Golden prawn cracker detail

Golden prawn cracker is an item released with aquariums. It is a possible reward from opening a prawn ball (0.5% chance). Like all crackers, it can be used on another player to break it open. It awards both players with a golden mystery egg, which gives a random golden fish egg for their Aquarium that they have not already unlocked, regardless of their level in Fishing.

One golden prawn cracker is a guaranteed reward as the Tier 4 Prawn Perk from the Prawnbroker.

The potential fish eggs are:

Eggs Fish Level
Golden trout eggs Golden trout eggs Trout 20
Golden salmon eggs Golden salmon eggs Salmon 30
Golden tuna eggs Golden tuna eggs Tuna 35
Golden rainbow fish eggs Golden rainbow fish eggs Rainbow fish 38
Golden lobster eggs Golden lobster eggs Lobster 40
Golden leaping trout eggs Golden leaping trout eggs Leaping trout 48
Golden swordfish eggs Golden swordfish eggs Swordfish 50
Golden lava eel eggs Golden lava eel eggs Lava eel 53
Golden leaping salmon eggs Golden leaping salmon eggs Leaping salmon 58
Golden monkfish eggs Golden monkfish eggs Monkfish 62
Golden leaping sturgeon eggs Golden leaping sturgeon eggs Leaping sturgeon 70
Golden shark eggs Golden shark eggs Shark 77
Golden cavefish eggs Golden cavefish eggs Cavefish 85
Golden rocktail eggs Golden rocktail eggs Rocktail 90


  • Using it on a ironman player results in the message: "[name] is an ironman and has no interest in pulling your cracker."
  • It, along with prawn crackers, uses the pull animation of the golden cracker which is a different cracker model.
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