Goliath gloves are a set of degradable gloves that require 80 attack to wear and were released with the Dominion Tower on November 1 2011. These gloves are amongst the most powerful gloves in the game for melee, surpassing the barrows gloves obtained from Recipe for Disaster by two attack points in every attack style except ranged and magic, for a total of 14, as well as one more strength point for a total of 15. On top of this, they also beat the Dragon Gauntlets obtained from Fist of Guthix in defensive boost on all stats except Summoning and Ranged Defense.

A player activates the unique effects of the Goliath gloves.

Goliath Gloves are obtained from the Dominion Tower activity, which requires a minimum of 110 combat level and several quests to access. Within the Dominion Tower players will be required to accomplish several achievements in order to obtain the gloves. They are as follows

After the above prerequisites have been met, players will be able to claim a pair of gloves from the Strange face. Players may only own one pair of gloves at a time, and the gloves last 2 hours of combat before they crumble to dust. Players must speak to the Strange Face in order to retrieve another pair. The Strange Face will keep extra pairs for players for every 5 bosses they kill in the Dominion Tower, up to 15 pairs or dreadnips.

When receiving the gloves players are given the option of four different colours: Red, Yellow, Black, and White.

File:Goliath gloves damage.png

An example of the damage Goliath gloves can do.

These gloves are especially unique in that they provide several combat bonuses when players are NOT wielding a weapon; however, the gloves do permit the use of an offhand item, such as a Dragon Defender or Dragonfire Shield and still retain the bonuses. While 'unarmed' the gloves provide a substantial boost to a player's damage equivalent to that of an Abyssal Whip (+82 stacked on top of the current strength bonus of the gloves).[1] The gloves use a crush-based attack style, making it a very good alternative for other strong crush weapons, like Godswords or Chaotic mauls. Along with the strength boost the gloves have a special effect. Randomly the gloves will hit for a typeless hit (cannot pray against it) and hold the opponent for about 10 seconds and lower the enemy's attack, defence, strength, ranged, and magic stats by 7. If in a multicombat area, everybody (cannot hold teammates) in about a 5 square radius will also be frozen for 10 seconds. In addition, the gloves have a unique attacking animation.

File:Goliath gloves bind.png

The goliath gloves binds opponents from afar as well.

File:Goliath Gloves.gif

Goliath gloves animation.

Combat Stats
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AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses


  • There was a glitch where the gloves were unobtainable due to Nomad not appearing in Endurance or Climber mode. This has since been fixed as of November 3, 2011. This hotfix also allowed the special Nomad fight "No More Nomad... No More!" to count as defeating Nomad, previously not counting. Players who completed the special fight before the fix had to re-do it for it to count. Note that killing the first Nomad and dying on the second will NOT count.
  • There used to be a glitch when fighting unarmed with the gloves in a multi-combat, PvP area that causes yourself (and opponents) to be stunned when the special attack activates. It is meant to only stun opponents. This has been fixed.
  • The gloves' stun attack damage doesn't stack with the bonus damage from the ferocious ring inside Kuradal's dungeon.
  • Although the player normally attacks with a weapon in the right hand, when using accurate or defensive style with no weapon the player punches with their left hand. The random stun attack is also hit with the left hand.
  • Soul Split has no effect on the random stun attack.

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