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The Gorajo (pronounced Gora-ho) are a mysterious race of magical humanoid creatures from the Spirit Plane that were accidentally released into Gielinor by Bilrach, a powerful member of the Mahjarrat tribe, who was opening portals to aid him in his excavation and protection of Daemonheim. Originally he tried to convert them to his cause but they were appalled by his harsh ways and use of dark magicks such as necromancy and then began to cause him great trouble.

They are encountered by players while progressing through Daemonheim in the Dungeoneering skill, and a single Ramokee Skinweaver can also be found at the bottom of the Polypore Dungeon.

Appearance and powers

The Gorajo appear like fairly short humans with varying skintones, stretching from pale blue to a hue of orange. They have curved, goat-like horns protruding from their heads, solid white eyes, three-fingered hands with claws, hooves in place of feet, and a lizard-like tail. They have strong magical ability; Stormbringers and Skinweavers possess the power of levitation (much like the members of the Lunar Clan). They also appear to have a heightened sense of things, and can feel magic energy in the air. Horns of male Gorajo appear to curl backwards and around more, the higher the tier, whereas female horns only grow upwards the higher the tier.

According to hoardstalkers, gorajo cannot die in their spirit form, but if they "die" in Daemonheim, they must stay on their plane for a week in order to fully recover.

Their horn shape may be a modelled on that of the Cape Buffalo, the males having larger horns joined at the centre to form a "boss" used for butting heads, the females lacking this. Most animals' horns continue to grow throughout their lives; this is true of gorajo too (assuming that they ascend in tier with age).


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The few Gorajo in Daemonheim reveal a little about their race's past. In Gorajo culture, they are not given names, and instead go by titles or "paths" such as skinweaver, hoardstalker and worldbearer. These reflect their occupation or skills in life. The skinweavers accompany groups of warrior Gorajo to recover their wounds. The hoardstalkers scavenge for materials, create weapons for the Gorajo and protect their assets from the Ramokee. The worldbearers "carry" the burden of the other Gorajo and are essentially servants. Their warriors are, as in human society, split into three sects: magic users, rangers, and warriors, called Stormbringers, Deathslingers and Bloodragers, respectively.

Each sect also had their own tiers, there are 12 in total, namely: Cub, Little, Naïve, Keen, Brave, Brah, Naabe, Wise, Adept, Sachem, and Challem[1].

According to The Exile, there was another path called an "Endbringer", but the Gorajo abandoned that path for unknown reasons.

The Gorajo mention other inhabitants on their plane and explain their relationship to them to curious adventurers. Such examples are the nustukh, creatures who the Gorajo praise as they believe them to be the reincarnations of their greatest leaders. Other inhabitants of the gorajo plane include gulegas, sinkholes and wolfloks.

The gorajo believe heavily in reincarnation.


According to the Gorajo hoardstalkers (the foragers of the Gorajo), the Ramokee are Gorajo who have been exiled and live outside of the clan. Lacking specialisations like the Gorajo, they often "have a harder time surviving in the wildlands among the sinkholes and wolfloks." In order to survive outside the tribe, they steal tools from the Gorajo, benefiting from their hard work. Thus, Gorajo hoardstalkers are also in charge of protecting the tools from Ramokee.


While they also speak the common language of Gielinor, the Gorajo use a number of their own words in speech too. The Gorajo appear to be based on certain aspects of varied Native American cultures. For example, "Sachem" means chieftain in the Algonquian language, while "naabe" means "people" in Ojibwe (who are also known as the Anashinaabe). Gorajo may be a reference to Navajo, and Ramokee may be a reference to Cherokee. "Brave" is also a term used by some tribes for a warrior, albeit an outdated one.

Notable Gorajo

Summoning familiars

The Summoning familiars in Dungeoneering are all spirit forms of the Gorajo race:

The melee creatures are called "Bloodragers", ranged are called "Deathslingers", magic are called "Stormbringers", beasts of burden are called "Worldbearers", foragers are called "Hoardstalkers", and healers are called "Skinweavers". They have a prefix to their name that is related to their tier. For example, a tier 10 healer is called a Sachem skinweaver, whereas a tier 1 beast of burden is called a Cub worldbearer.


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