This article is about the cards received daily from the gorajo hoardstalker. For the cards regarding Sinkholes, see Sinkholes#Cards.

Gorajo cards are obtained from the Gorajo hoardstalker in the Gorajo resource dungeon of Prifddinas. He is also located near Thok on the Daemonheim peninsula after unlocking access to the resource dungeon. One card per day can be obtained. You can have one solo card and one team card at a time. A solo card or team card must be either used or destroyed before another card of that variety can be claimed. Each card provides an effect that lasts for one Dungeoneering floor. If for whatever reason more than one copy of a card is taken to a floor, they will be removed upon leaving.

Bryll Thoksdottir sells both solo and team cards for 5,000 and 15,000 Dungeoneering tokens respectively in her shop. The card received is random. You can have multiple cards when they are obtained this way, however the Gorajo hoardstalker will not give you another card unless you have none of the type of card he is offering.

They are:

Image Card Solo Team Effect (Prifddinas)
Beguiling smoke devil card detail Beguiling smoke devil card Solo Team Allows you to open skill doors without meeting level requirements.
Cloning mosquito card detail Cloning mosquito card Solo Team Double tokens for the dungeon.
Consistent yak card detail Consistent yak card Solo Team Finding a Clan Meilyr combination potion recipe is guaranteed when you open a door. You will not incur a penalty after your second death.
Preening ibis card detail Preening ibis card Solo Team Dungeoneering XP for the floor is multiplied by 1.5.
Protecting titan card detail Protecting titan card Solo Team Damage taken against bosses is halved. Other damage received during the floor is reduced by 5%.
Reversing phoenix card detail Reversing phoenix card Solo Team Increases the chances for slayer creatures to spawn.
Scavenging meerkats card detail Scavenging meerkats card Solo Team Completing the floor provides a sinkhole replay ticket. Leaving the floor early loses the card's effect.
Thieving locust card detail Thieving locust card Solo Team Double Dungeoneering XP for the floor.
Trading leech card detail Trading leech card Solo Team Start a dungeon with an additional selection of useful items.
Trading mantis card detail Trading mantis card Solo Team 10% chance of gaining additional items when a creature dies.
Whimsical bunyip card detail Whimsical bunyip card Solo Team The effect of a random card is played.
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