For the instrumental version, see Goshima Lament (instrumental).

Goshima's Lament is a music track that was released with the second batch of The Arc. It was previewed on Soundcloud before being released in game. The song is also featured on The Arc Original Soundtrack.

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The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Goshima's Lament.

Here we lie,
Behind the stone
Of our land,
Once fair and home,
Our tears will fall,
Now left alone,
This place we live,
And call our own.

Stay away,
Lest you might fall,
Into the great,
Devouring maw,
The dark that lies,
Behind this wall,
So sail away,
Beyond our shore.



Within her heart,
An empty sky,
Death will not come,
The spirits cry,
Beyond this world,
Bound to their fate,
Tormented souls,
Are doomed to wait.

Beloved Isle,
Now sent to sleep,
A curse does lie,
Above the deep,
The world beyond,
Calls to our dead,
But still live on
Those from their bed.


No Khan can calm,
or heal this wound,
And silence speaks,
Our land is doomed,
So we shall pray,
Still on our knees,
Until that day,
When twilight flees.


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