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Grand Exchange clerk chathead
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Grand Exchange clerk (elf) chathead

Grand Exchange clerks are non-player characters located in the Grand Exchange north-west of Varrock, in the Tower of Voices in Prifddinas, and in Menaphos.

Upon right clicking a clerk, the player gets several options:

  • Exchange: Quick option; players can buy and/or sell items, and collect items from completed trades.
  • Talk-to: Players can talk to the Grand Exchange clerks to access the Grand Exchange account. Prifddinas clerks also offer a free teleport to the Varrock Grand Exchange.
  • History: Players can view their personal Grand Exchange trade history. This is, however, limited to the last five transactions.
  • Sets: Players can exchange complete sets of armour; either from individual component items into a complete item set, or from a complete item set into individual component items.


In the Grand Exchange, there are 2 clerks, next to 2 bankers. They also play a minor role in the Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf quest.


In the Tower of Voices there are 2 clerks, with 1 banker in the middle, in the south-west and north-west corners of the tower. There are also 2 clerks in the Max Guild.


In the Menaphos' merchant district there are four clerks that can be unlocked by gaining 4,000 total reputation.




  • An update on 9 September 2010 to the Varrock Grand Exchange removed one banker and clerk on each side of the pillar, leaving one clerk or banker on each side. This was prompted by player complaints regarding duplicate clicking options.
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