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This article is about the location. For the quest, see The Grand Tree.

The mighty grand tree.

The grand tree location

The Grand Tree, or Ta Quir Priw in gnomish language, is home to a gnome community and is built inside a tree in the north-east of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. It contains Blurberry's Bar, Heckel Funch's Shop, Rometti's Fine Fashions, and Gulluck's weapon shop. It is also one of the spots for Penguin Hide and Seek.

The Grand Tree includes two of the three banks in Tree Gnome Stronghold, several shops, and a bar and restaurant. The Gnome Restaurant minigame is on second level, and players who have completed The Grand Tree quest can access the Grand Tree Mine. There is an Agility shortcut north-east of the Grand Tree, which can be very useful for players training Barbarian Fishing.

Approaching the Tree...

Players can travel to the Grand Tree via the gnome glider on the third floor, or they can use seed pods from the Gnome Restaurant minigame to transport instantly to the Grand Tree. Just south of the tree itself is a Spirit Tree, and a landing spot for the Balloon Transport System.

Ground floor

Players can find King Narnode Shareen on the ground floor. Players can speak to him to begin (and later end) the Monkey Madness quest. There is also a trapdoor that leads to the Grand Tree Tunnels (and a mine), though players must have completed The Grand Tree in order to use it.

First floor

The second floor of the Grand Tree.

The first floor includes two banks and several shops:

Second floor

Third floor

The third floor contains only a small jail that Glough locks the player in during The Grand Tree quest, and a Gnome glider which can be used to travel to various places in Gielinor.

Tunnels and mine

Most of the tunnels are little used except during The Grand Tree quest. See Grand Tree Tunnels for details.

The mine contains adamantite, mithril, gold, coal, silver, iron, and clay rocks. See Grand Tree Mine for details.


Concept art of the tree.


  • If players use a herring (raw or cooked) with the Grand Tree, they will get the following message: "It can't be done!", referencing the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • On 8 February 2010, if a player is standing near the gnome glider on the top floor with the textures feature on, their character will be invisible but will leave a shadow behind, the same goes with the gnome and any summoning familiars, this was fixed later that day.