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Grand force muspah are stronger versions of force muspah encountered during Children of Mah. At two points the player is trapped at a lightning rod (where muspah spawn) by a large rock. At random one of the muspah spawned will be a grand force muspah, which attacks much like the normal muspah with an additional special attack: when the muspah's adrenaline bar is filled, it will fire an explosive shot at the player's location, which does extra damage. The player can avoid this by moving out of the way, and if the shot explodes next to the large rock it will break, allowing progress through the quest.

Like other muspah, it takes increased damage from Ancient Magicks, and will not be aggressive if the shard of Zaros is worn.


  • The name "Grand Force" is probably pun on the gardening show "Ground Force".
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