This article is about Summoning familiar. For monster, see Rock lobster.
Granite lobster chathead

Granite lobster is a level 74 Summoning familiar, it is summoned using a granite lobster pouch and will last 47 minutes.

The granite lobster can be used for the following things:

  • Combat: It has a combat level of 88 and provides Defence experience when it deals damage. In addition, its scroll, Crushing Claw, may inflict up to 964 life points' damage and temporarily decrease an opponent's Defence by five levels.
  • Fishing: Grants an invisible +4 Fishing level boost. It does not grant abilities above the player's level (e.g. the ability to catch new kinds of fish). It does, however, increase the success rate of catching fish. Because of its large invisible boost, the granite lobster is fairly popular among players training fishing.
  • Forager: While the player is fishing, this familiar has a random chance to forage for raw swordfish and raw sharks, even if the player does not have the necessary level to catch these fish. It also gives the player 10% of the experience for catching the foraged items. It can hold up to 30 of its foraged items in its own inventory. It appears to collect the highest quantity of fish if the player is fishing sharks. One granite lobster often generates 3-13 swordfish and 3-13 sharks, giving 10 xp for each swordfish and 11 xp for each shark foraged.

Granite lobster pouch


A granite lobster pouch is created by using Summoning pouch on a Summoning obelisk with 166 spirit shards, a crimson charm and granite (any size) in the player's inventory. Using the pouch to summon a granite lobster costs 8 Summoning points. Infusing granite lobster pouches is one of the most cost effective ways to 99 Summoning.

Crushing claw scroll


Crushing Claw

Crushing claw is the special of the granite lobster, activated by a Crushing claw scroll. It inflicts up to 964 life points of magic damage and temporarily decreases an opponent's Defence by five levels.



  • One of the conversations with the granite lobster is a reference to the movie Conan the Barbarian.
  • Possibly a reference to the B-52's hit, Rock Lobster.
  • As of 3 March 2010, any kind of granite can be used to create a granite lobster pouch. Before this update, only the 500g unit could be used. However, the 500g unit is still the most efficient unit to use
  • At level 78 or above, a player can make over 400 of these pouches in one trip. This can be done by going to Bogrog with 5 kg granite chunks.
  • The lobster will occasionally say "Grind!" when it has been summoned. This could possibly be a joke reference to how many players find the skill of fishing a grind.
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