Granny Potterington chathead

Granny Potterington is the original owner of Manor Farm north of East Ardougne. She helps introduce the player to the player-owned farm, where livestock and other farming activities can be managed.

Her dialogue suggests that she is the only remaining Potterington, as she states her husband, Hector, died several months ago; although it's very strange, as the cause-of-death changes daily, and her two sons, Henry and Harry, were killed in the Battle of Lumbridge. She can be asked to tell a joke, which also changes daily.

In order to access her tutorial, level 17 Farming and level 20 Construction must be acquired first before accessing the tutorial. Otherwise she will talk about beans and want to find another player to help.

After completing the tutorial, she will grant the player access to the Farmers' Market.



  • Her dialogue about Hector being electrocuted by a wandering pig is a reference to Jambon.
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