Glitch werewolf

A werewolf experiencing the graphical stretching glitch.

The graphical stretching glitch, also known as the stretchy skin glitch or stretchy glitch, is one of the most common glitches seen as a result of RuneScape updates. The glitch most commonly affects moving objects that have been recently updated or are using something else that is the product of a recent update.

Common causes

The stretching glitch has a huge number of causes and is frequently introduced into the game unintentionally. Some of the most common updated features that cause this glitch are:

  • Emotes
  • Clothing and armour
  • Weapons
  • NPC/Monster attacks or special movements


Although often visually annoying or distracting, the stretching glitch does not have any negative impact on game mechanics or performance. Players who experience the glitch should report it to ensure a quick fix, but do not need to be concerned about bug abuse or other major issues.

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