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Reason: Many animations jump from OSRS to RS3. There were ones in between.
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Graphical improvements are graphic updates of non-player characters, monsters, areas and items. A noticeable graphic improvement update is the release of RuneScape High Detail that took place on 1 July 2008, where major changes over the previous detail modes were numerous. This section specifically targets animations.


Yes No
Yes old Yes No old No
Bow Angry
Bow old Bow Angry old Angry
Angry (enhanced) Think
Angry enhanced historical Angry Enhanced Think old Think
Wave Shrug
Wave old Wave Shrug old Shrug
Cheer Beckon
Cheer old Cheer Beckon old Beckon
Laugh Jump for Joy
Laugh old Laugh Jump for joy old Jump for Joy
Dance Yawn
Dance old Dance Yawn old Yawn
Dance (enhanced) Jig
Danceemoteenhanced Dance Enhanced Jig old Jig
Twirl Headbang
Twirl old Twirl Headbang old Headbang
Cry Blow Kiss
Cry old Cry Blow kiss old Blow Kiss
Panic Raspberry
Panic old Panic Raspberry old Raspberry
Clap Salute
Clap old Clap Salute old Salute
Goblin Salute Goblin Bow
Goblin dance old Goblin Salute Goblin bow old Goblin Bow
Glass Box Climb Rope
Glass box old Glass Box Climb rope old Climb Rope
Lean Glass Wall
Lean old Lean Glass wall old Glass Wall
Idea Stomp
Idea old Idea Stomp old Stomp
Flap Slap Head
Flap old Flap Slap head old Slap Head
Zombie Walk Zombie Dance
Zombie walk old Zombie Walk Old Zombie Dance Zombie Dance
Zombie Hand Scared
Zombie hand old Zombie Hand Scared old Scared
Bunny-hop Air Guitar
Bunny hop old Bunny-hop Air guitar old Air Guitar
Clan vexillum Rubber chicken whack
20110805162241%21Clan_vexillum_teleport.gif Clan vexillum teleport Rubber chicken whack Whack

Skillcape emotes

Special attacks



Tele-group Superheat Item
Lunar book teleport Lunar spells teleport Superheatitem Superheat Item
Fire Strike Earth Strike
Fire strike old1 Fire strike old Earth strike old Earth strike old1
Teleport with lunar spellbook Home Teleport (Lodestone Network)
Old Lunar tele Lunar spells teleport Home teleport Home Teleport (lodestone)


TzTok-Jad attacks
TzTok Jad old TzTok Jad
Ghast transformation
Ghast trans old Ghast transform
Fairy ring teleportation
Fairy ring teleport old Fairy ring teleport
Chaos Tunnels transporters
Chaos transporter old Chaos transporter
Death harvests soul old Harvesterofsouls Death animation (Death)


While Guthix Sleeps cutscene Enakhra's Lament ending
While Guthix Sleeps cutscene old Lucien spell Enakhra's Lament cutscene old Athanakos and Enakhra to the North


Punching animation (1) Punching animation (2)
Melee punch old Punch old Punch old Punch
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