Crystal saw
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Replacement filing cabinet
Fish Flingers scorecard
Fish Flingers scorecard old Fish flingers history
Fish Flingers results
Fish Flingers results old FishFlingersCompResults
Quest points interface
RSC quests interface Quest point interface 2007 Quest interface Adventures (Quests) interface
Squeal of Fortune interface (incomplete)
Squeal of Fortune old
Forum avatar
Default chat old Default chat old2 Blank forum avatar
Offence System
Offence system old Offence System
Loading RuneScape
New load RS3 Load old RS3 Load
Logging in Waiting message
Logging in - please wait old1

Logging in - please wait old2 Logging in - please wait

Minimap old1 Minimap old2 Minimap old3 Minimap old4 Minimap area RS3 Minimap
Minimap Compass
RSC compass icon Minimap compass 2007 OOO Compass Compass
RuneScape Interface
Interface RS3 Old School Layout
Money Pouch
Money pouch old 1 Money pouch old Money pouch
Bank Screen
Rscbankaccount Bankaccount 2006-08-19 Bankaccount 2008-07-21 Bankaccount Bank Interface old Bank Interface
Poison icon
Poison hitpoints minimap RS3 poison hitpoints icon
Stat Spy interface
Stat Spy interface old Stat Spy interface
Signpost (Clan Citadels) interface
Clan relationships interface old Clan relationships interface
Grand Exchange collection box
Grand Exchange collection box old1

Grand Exchange collection box old2 Grand Exchange collection box old3 Grand Exchange collection box

Cursors (Strike Spells)
Cursor-strikespells Air Strike cursorWater Strike cursorEarth Strike cursorFire Strike cursor
Cursors (Bolt Spells)
Cursor-boltspells Air Bolt cursorWater Bolt cursorEarth Bolt cursorFire Bolt cursor
Cursors (Blast Spells)
Cursor-blastspells Air Blast cursorWater Blast cursorEarth Blast cursorFire Blast cursor
Cursors (Wave Spells)
Cursor-wavespells Air Wave cursorWater Wave cursorEarth Wave cursorFire Wave cursor
Cursors (Surge Spells)
Surge-spells Air Surge cursorWater Surge cursorEarth Surge cursorFire Surge cursor
Cursors (Curse Spells)
Cursor-attackdrainspellsCursor-defencedrainersCursor - strengthdrainers Confuse cursorWeaken cursorCurse cursorVulnerability cursorEnfeeble cursorStagger cursor
Cursors (Other)
Climb over something Jump cursor
Cursors (Other spells)
Cursor-teleblockCursor-slayerdart Teleport Block cursorSlayer Dart cursor
Cursors (Bind Spells)
Cursor-bindingspells Bind cursorSnare cursorEntangle cursor
Cursors (Ancients)
Cursor-rushspells Smoke Rush cursorShadow Rush cursorBlood Rush cursorIce Rush cursor
Cursor-burstspells Smoke Burst cursorShadow Burst cursorBlood Burst cursorIce Burst cursor
Cursor-blitzspells Smoke Blitz cursorShadow Blitz cursorBlood Blitz cursorIce Blitz cursor
Cursor-barragespells Smoke Barrage cursorShadow Barrage cursorBlood Barrage cursorIce Barrage cursor
Hybrid gear selection
Gloveselect Hybrid gloves selection interface
Extras interface
Extras interface old Upgrades & Extras (Overview) interface
Bank equip icon
Equip stats icon Bank equip icon
Bank deposit box interface
Bank deposit box interface old Bank deposit box interface
Set a Bank PIN button
Set a Bank PIN old Set a Bank PIN
Active Tasks
Noticeboard tab Active task
Spirit Tree
Spirit tree teleport interface old 1

Spirit tree teleport interface old 2 Spirit tree teleport interface old 3 Spirit tree teleport interface

Experience popup
Skills interface old1

Skills interface old2 Skills interface old3 Skills interface old4 Skills interface old5 Skills interface

Wardrobe old1

Wardrobe old2 Wardrobe old3 Customisations (Wardrobe) interface

Makeover Mage
Makeover interface old1

Makeover interface old2 Makeover interface old3 Makeover interface old4 Makeover interface old5 Makeover interface old6 Makeover interface old7 Makeover interface

Account creation
Athlete class

Chef class Farmer class Fisher class Fletcher class Hunter class Miner class Priest class Runecrafter class Slayer class Smith class Summoner class Woodcutter class Step 5 Account creation old

Step 1 Account creation old Step 2 Account creation old Adventurer class Warrior class Mage class Ranger class Thief class Crafter class Herblorist class Step 6 Account creation old Step 7 Account creation old Step 8 Account creation Step 9 Account creation Step 10 Account creation

Step 1 Account creation Step 2 Account creation Step 3 Account creation Step 4 Account creation Step 5 Account creation Step 6 Account creation Step 7 Account creation

World Select lobby
World switch screen World Select Lobby
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