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Aberrant spectre Angry bear
Aberrant spectre old Aberrant spectre Angry bear old Angry bear
Ahrim the Blighted Animated Bronze Armour
Ahrim the Blighted old Ahrim the Blighted Animated Bronze Armour old Animated Bronze Armour
Animated Iron Armour Animated Steel Armour
Animated Iron Armour old Animated Iron Armour Animated steel armour old Animated steel armour
Animated Black Armour Animated Mithril Armour
Animated Black Armour old Animated Black Armour Animated Mithril Armour old Animated mithril armour
Animated Adamant Armour Animated Rune Armour
Animated Adamant Armour old Animated Adamant Armour Animated Rune Armour old Animated Rune Armour
Akrisae the Doomed Armoured zombie
Akrisae the Doomed old Akrisae the Doomed Armoured zombie old Armoured Zombie 2
Armoured zombie
Armoured zombie old2 Armoured Zombie


Baby tanglefoot (1) Baby tanglefoot (2)
Babytanglefoot Baby tanglefoot old Baby tanglefoot old Baby tanglefoot
Banshee Bandos Avatar
Banshee old Banshee Bandos Avatar old Bandos avatar
Bark blamish snail
Bark blamish snail old Bark blamish snail
Basilisk (1) Basilisk (2)
Basilisk old Basilisk old2 Basilisk old2 Basilisk
Basilisk boss Big wolf (1)
Basilisk boss old Basilisk boss Big bad wolf old Big wolf old
Big wolf (2) Blessed giant rat
Big wolf old Big wolf Blessed rat old Blessed giant rat
Blood Blamish Snail Blood reaver
Blood Blamish Snail old Blood Blamish Snail (Round) Blood reaver old Blood reaver
Bree Bruise Blamish Snail
Bree old Bree Bruise Blamish Snail old Bruise Blamish Snail (Round)


Cave crawler (1) Cave crawler (2)
Cave crawler old Cave crawler old2 Cave crawler old2 Cave crawler
Cockatrice Chaos Elemental
Old Cockatrice Cockatrice Chaos Elemental old Chaos Elemental
Cow (1) Cow (2)
Cow old Cow old2 Cow old2 Cow
Cow calf Crawling hand
Cow calf old Cow calf Crawling hand old Crawling Hand
Crocodile Cruor
Crocodile old Crocodile Cruor old Cruor
Cyclops Cyclops (GWD)
Cyclops Old Cyclops Cyclops GWD old Cyclops GWD


Dagannoth (melee) Dagannoth (ranged)
Dagannoth melee old Dagannoth melee Dagannoth ranged old Dagannoth ranged
Dagannoth Mother Dagannoth Prime
Dagannoth mother old Dagannoth mother Dagannoth Prime old Dagannoth Prime
Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth Supreme
Dagannoth Rex old Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth Supreme old Dagannoth Supreme
Dark beast
Dark beast old Dark beast
Dharok the Wretched Dust devil
Dharok the Wretched old Dharok the Wretched Dust devil old Dust devil


Earth warrior (1) Earth warrior (2)
Earth warrior old Earth warrior old2 Earth warrior old2 Earth warrior
Earth Warrior Champion Edimmu
Earth Warrior Champion old Earth Warrior Champion Edimmu old Edimmu
Elf warrior (Cadarn archer) Elf warrior (Cadarn pikeman)
Elf warrior (Cadarn bow) old Elf warrior (Cadarn ranger) Elf warrior (Cadarn pike) old Elf warrior (Cadarn warrior)
Elf warrior (Iorwerth archer) Elf warrior (Iorwerth pikeman)
Elf warrior (Iorwerth bow) old Elf warrior (Iorwerth ranger) Elf warrior (Iorwerth pike) old Elf warrior (Iorwerth warrior)


Fenris wolf Fire giant
Wolf old Fenris wolf Fire giant old Fire giant
Fumus old Fumus


Gargoyle (1) Gargoyle (2)
Gargoyle old Gargoyle old2 Gargoyle old2 Gargoyle
Ghast Ghast (Temple Trekking)
Ghast old Ghast Ghast TT old Ghast
Giant Champion Giant mole
Hill Giant champion Giant Champion Giant mole old Giant Mole
Giant rat (1) Giant rat (2)
Giant rat old Giant rat old Giant rat old Giant rat
Giant snail Glacies
Giant snail old Giant Snail Glacies old Glacies
Gnome (monster) (1) Gnome (monster) (2)
Gnome (monster) Gnome attacking old Gnome attacking old Gnome attacking
Gnome Mage Gnome Driver
Gnome mage old Gnome Mage Gnome driver old Gnome driver
Gnome guard Gnome troop
Gnome guard old Gnome guard sword Gnome troop old Gnome troop
Gorak Gorak (GWD)
Gorak old Gorak Gorak GWD old Gorak
Guard dog Ghost
Guard dog old Guard dog Ghost old Ghost-19
General Graardor Growler
General Graardor old General Graardor Growler old Growler
Guthan the Infested
Guthan the Infested old Guthan the Infested


Hobgoblin (1) Hobgoblin (2)
Hobgoblin old Hobgoblin old2 Hobgoblin old2 Hobgoblin
Hobgoblin Champion (1) Hobgoblin Champion (2)
HobgoblinChamp Hobgoblin champion old Hobgoblin champion old Hobgoblin champion
Hobgoblin (GWD) (1) Hobgoblin (GWD) (2)
Hobgoblin GWD old2 Hobgoblin GWD old Hobgoblin GWD old Hobgoblin GWD


Jelly (1) Jelly (2)
Jelly old Jelly old2 Jelly old2 Jelly
Jelly (Trollweiss cavern)
Muspah Cave Jelly Muspah Cave Jelly


Karil the Tainted General Khazard
Karil the Tainted old Karil the Tainted General Khazard (Monster) old General Khazard (skeletal)
Killerwatt Kolodion (third form)
Killerwatt old Killerwatt Kolodion (ghost form) Kolodion dark beast form
Kurask (1) Kurask (2)
Kurask old Kurask old2 Kurask old2 Kurask
Kurask overlord
Kurask overlord old Kurask overlord


Locust rider Locust rider
Locust rider melee old Locustlancer Locust rider ranged old Locust rider


Magic axe Minotaur
Magic axe old Magic axe Minotaur old Minotaur
Mounted terrorbird gnome
Mounted terrorbird old Gnome Terrorbird
Monstrous cave crawler Myre Blamish Snail
Monstrous cave crawler old Monstrous cave crawler Myre Blamish Snail old Myre Blamish Snail
Moss giant Mutated zygomite
Mossgiantold1 Moss giant Zygomite old Mutated zygomite
Mummy Mummy (Jalsavrah)
Mummy old Mummy 3 Mummy (PP) old Mummy 3


Nex (1) Nex (2)
Nex old Nex 2013 Nex 2013 Nex


Ochre Blamish Snail Otherworldly being
Ochre Blamish Snail old Ochre Blamish Snail (Round) Otherworldy being old Otherworldlybeing
Ork (1) Ork (2)
Ork old Ork old2 Ork old2 Godwars ork
Ork (3) Ork warrior
Ork old3 Ork GWD2 Ork2 Ork warrior


Plague cow
Plague cow old Plague cow
Portal (Pest Control) (red) Possessed pickaxe
Portal (Pest Control) old Portal (Red) Possessed pickaxe old Possessed pickaxe


Revenant Hobgoblin
Rev Hobgoblin Old Revenant hobgoblin
Rockslug (1) Rockslug (2)
Rockslug detail Rockslug old Rockslug old Rockslug


Scarab mage The Shaikahan
Scarab mage old Scarab mage Shaikahan old The Shaikahan
Skeletal miner Skeletal Wyvern
Skeletal miner old Skeletal miner Skeletal wyvern old Skeletal Wyvern
Skeleton Skeleton (Lumbridge Catacombs)
Skeleton old Skeleton Skeleton (Lumbridge Catacombs) old Skeleton (Lumbridge Catacombs)
Skeleton Champion Skeleton Hellhound
Skeleton Champion old Skeleton champion Skeleton Hellhound old Skeletal hellhound
Spiritual mage (Bandos) Spiritual mage (Saradomin)
Spiritual mage B old Spiritual mage (Bandos) Spiritual mage S old Spiritual mage (Saradomin)
Spiritual mage (Zamorak) Spiritual ranger (Bandos)
Spiritual mage Z old Spiritual mage (Zamorak) Spiritual ranger B old Spiritual ranger (Bandos)
Spiritual ranger (Saradomin) Spiritual ranger (Zamorak)
Spiritual ranger S old Spiritual ranger (Saradomin) Spiritual ranger Z old Spiritual ranger (Zamorak)
Spiritual warrior (Bandos) Spiritual warrior (Saradomin)
Spiritual warrior B old Spiritual warrior (Bandos) Spiritual warrior S old Spiritual warrior (Saradomin)
Spiritual warrior (Zamorak) Starlight
Spiritual warrior Z old Spiritual warrior (Zamorak) Starlight old Starlight
Swamp snake
Swamp snake old Swamp Snake


Tanglefoot Temple guardian
Tanglefoot old Tanglefoot Templeguardian2 New temple guardian
Torag the Corrupted
Torag the Corrupted old Torag the Corrupted
Tortoise Tortoise
Tortoise old Tortoise Tortoise old2 Armoured tortoise
Tree spirit (Lost City) Turoth
Old dramen tree spirit Tree spirit Turoth Turoth1


Ugthanki (1) Ugthanki (2)
Ugthanki Ugthanki old Ugthanki old Ugthanki
Umbra Undead cow (1)
Umbra old Umbra Undead cow Undead cow old
Undead cow (2)
Undead cow old Undead cow2


Verac the Defiled
Verac the Defiled old Verac the Defiled


Warped rat Warped roach
Warped rat old Warped Rat Warped roach old Warped Roach
Wall beast Werewolf (God Wars Dungeon)
Wall beast old Wall beast Werewolf GWD old Werewolf GWD
White Wolf (1) White Wolf (2)
Wolf 38 White wolf old White wolf old Wolf25
Wolf old Wolf


Yak old Yak


Commander Zilyana Zombie
Commander Zilyana Old Commander Zilyana Zombie (Historical) Zombie
Zombie champion Zombie swab
Zombie Champion old Zombie Champion Zombie swab old Zombie swab
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