Great maki detail

Great maki is sushi that is made at level 84 Cooking by combining raw great white shark and seaweed for 150 experience. In order to combine the ingredients and make a Great maki, one must first unlock the sushi perk in the Aquarium.

When eaten, it heals 2100 life points instantly, and the player regains 1% of their prayer every 1.8 seconds for a total of 5% prayer recovery. Players cannot eat a second great maki until the first one's prayer restore effect wears off. Therefore, it is suggested that players bring other foods alongside it, such as Rocktail, cavefish, or shark.


Great maki Great maki
Cooking-Make-X GE icon
150 XP-1,041
Cooking Cooking level84
Prawnbroker chathead Unlocked the ability to make sushi from the Prawnbroker.
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Raw great white sharkRaw great white shark11,8511,851
Total price1,879


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