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Green dragonhide chaps (t) detail.png

Green dragonhide chaps (t) are part of the green dragonhide trimmed set, along with a green dragonhide body (t). Their stats are identical to green dragonhide chaps, but they have a silver trim. To wear green dragonhide chaps (t), a player must have 40 Defence.

It is also a possible reward from a medium clue scroll. They are fairly popular amongst non-members since it is a trimmed version of the second best ranged armour available to them, thus players can add flair to armour which they would normally be using. Unlike normal dragonhide armour, it cannot be made with the Crafting skill, nor can trim be added to normal green dragonhide chaps via any method.

Combat Stats
Green dragonhide armour (t) (male) equipped.pngGreen dragonhide armour (t) (female) equipped.png
40 Defence40Tank armour
Ranged.png RangedLegs slot.pngDefenceArmour138
ConstitutionLife points0
Damage--Damage reduction
Accuracy--PvM: 0.8%PvP: 2.1%
Style-Style bonuses


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