Gregg 'Groggy' Herring chathead

Gregg 'Groggy' Herring is the founder of the Deep Sea Fishing hub. He has several nicknames, such as tamer of the nores (formerly tamer of the shores), Gregg the Bald (formerly Greg the Bold), 'Port'-master (formerly Portsmaster) and Herring the Hungover (formerly Herring the Heroic).

He once fell in love with a Siren who did not return his feelings, seeing him only as a friend. She gifted him a ring, but in a rage, Gregg threw it into the sea. The siren then left and they never saw each other again.

Gregg turned to alcohol in his depression, regretting his actions and wanting the ring back more than anything. The player later finds the ring while fishing at the Deep Sea Fishing Hub and returns it to Gregg, who is overjoyed. The player hopes that Gregg can drink less now, but he responds by saying that he is already too deep in his alcoholism, although he states that he will now drink to happy times instead of sad times.

Returning Gregg's ring completes the My precious! achievement.

He can be found on the east platform up in a crow's nest just west of the Fish Flingers Fisherman next to the D&D icon D&D map icon. Click on 'Bang Ladder' to the south in order to talk to him.



  • His name is most likely a reference to Old Gregg from "The Mighty Boosh"
  • An earlier bug in the Java client where users were unable to click Gregg made it impossible to hand in the ring has been resolved.
  • He drunkenly quotes O Captain! My Captain!, an 1865 poem by Walt Whitman.
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