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Gregorovic chathead
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Gregorovic human chathead

Gregorovic is the general of Sliske's army in The Heart. Gregorovic was a fatally ill human of the Fourth Age who was desperate to avoid death. In the hope of prolonging his life, he captured some of the few Cywir elves living in Gielinor and employed torturous experiments to unsuccessfully extrapolate the secret of their long lifespan. When this failed, he sought out the Mahjarrat Sliske in the Barrows, and offered him his soul in return for eternal life. Sliske accepted his offer, but questioned whether Gregorovic had thought his proposal through. Sliske then killed Gregorovic and resurrected him in a monstrous new form with an insatiable yearning to consume. Sliske informs him that his new form is imbued with powerful shadow magic, but must be sustained by consuming other beings (elves, humans, and demons) for sustenance. Sliske also reveals to him that, as he consumes more powerful beings, he will grow more powerful as well. At some point, Gregorovic came across and killed a demon, causing her sisters to seek vengeance for her death.

When The Heart was discovered, Gregorovic was one of the five generals to arrive. Helwyr and the Twin Furies both swore revenge on him for the deaths he had caused.


  • As a human, Gregorovic wears the Gothic outfit, Revolutionary hat and Sunglass monocles.
  • Gregorovic's human appearance may be a reference to Walter White from Breaking bad, as he is bald with a brown goatee, glasses, and a black hat. He also, like Walter White, is fatally ill.
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