Grimesquit chathead

Grimesquit Grime is an NPC who loves hunting rats. She has a sister, Phingspet. Grimesquit and Phingspet help the player during the Rat Catchers quest. They can be found in the Varrock Sewers. Grimesquit speaks in a rather odd language, a combination of gibberish and English, but this is later shown to be a joke on the player.

The player must catch eight rats for her and her sister using their cat. When Grimesquit and Phingspet find that you have caught all the necessary rats they will tell you about Jimmy Dazzler.

In the Varrock Census in the year 160, her profession is listed as "withheld".


  • She has a gravestone in the New Varrock graveyard reading "Grimesquit. Killed by the dreaded Feline Flu."
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