Grimy cadantine detail

A grimy cadantine is a herb that can be cleaned to make a clean cadantine. Grimy cadantines may be grown from a cadantine seed with 67 Farming, giving 120 Farming experience per herb harvested. It is also dropped by certain NPCs. Cleaning a grimy cadantine requires 65 Herblore, giving 12.5 Herblore experience. Clean cadantines are used to make super defence potions with 66 Herblore. They can also be used to make a divine herb patch III, requiring 82 Divination, 5 clean cadantine, and 10 brilliant energy. Grimy cadantines can also be obtained from the Sorceress's Garden minigame.

Cleaning grimy cadantine yields a profit/loss of 402 coins per herb.


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Dropped by

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Blissful shadow1121Common
Columbarium keyN/A2Common
Edimmu (elite)1255Common
Frost dragon1121Common
Iorwerth guard1222Common
Iorwerth scout1222Common
Jungle strykewyrm931–4Common
Kal'gerion demon1265Common
Kalphite Guardian721Common
Manifest shadow1261–2Common
Moss golem1401–4Common
Mutated jadinko guard961Common
Nex: Angel of Death700083–119Common
Tormented demon1191–11Common
Truthful shadow981Common
Vyre corpseN/A2Common
Afflicted60; 61; 63; 641Rare
Air elemental441Rare
Ancient ranger1031Rare
Automaton Generator84; 1154Rare
Automaton Guardian84; 1154Rare
Automaton Tracer84; 1154Rare
Aviansie89; 92; 951Rare
Bandit (Kharid Bandit Camp)541Rare
Bandit (Pollnivneach)531Rare
Bandit (Wilderness)181Rare
Bandit Brawler112; 1181Rare
Bandit looter421Rare
Black Heather1381Rare
Blood reaver108; 1241Rare
Catablepon53; 541Rare
Cave bug8; 121Rare
Cave crawler53; 74; 781–2Rare
Cave horror (elite)861Rare
Chaos Elemental3051Rare
Chaos druid warrior651–2Rare
Cockroach drone41Rare
Cockroach worker301Rare
Cyclops57; 63; 68; 911Rare
Dark warrior161Rare
Desert Lizard35; 49; 631Rare
Druid (historical)331Rare
Drunken man51Rare
Earth elemental441Rare
Earth warrior781Rare
Earth warrior (elite)881Rare
Elf warrior84; 891Rare
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