Grimy harralander detail

A Grimy harralander is a herb that has not yet been cleaned to make a clean harralander, an action that yields 6.3 Herblore experience. Grimy harralanders may be grown from a harralander seed with a Farming level of 26. It is dropped by certain NPCs. Cleaning a grimy harralander requires a Herblore level of 20 and gives 6.3 Herblore experience. Clean harralanders are used to make Guthix rests, Restore potions, Guthix balance potions, Blamish oil (for the Heroes' Quest) and Energy potions with Herblore levels of 18, 22, 22, 25 and 26 respectively. Grimy harralanders may also be obtained from the Sorceress's Garden minigame. Using harralander to make harralander tar is a popular and very fast method for training Herblore, without having to do many steps.

Cleaning grimy harralander yields a profit/loss of 197 coins per herb.


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Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Aberrant spectre72; 781–3Common
Ankou60; 61; 631Common
Ankou (elite)721Common
Basilisk70; 771Common
Black Knight30; 331Common
Blue dragon741Common
Cave bug8; 121Common
Cave crawler53; 74; 781–2Common
Cave crawler53; 74; 781Common
Chaos druid321–2Common
Chaos druid warrior651–2Common
Cockroach worker301Common
Desert Lizard35; 49; 631Common
Dried zombie671Common
Druid (historical)331Common
Dung kalphiteN/A1Common
Dust devil851Common
Dust devil (elite)951Common
Earth warrior781Common
Earth warrior (elite)881Common
Elf warrior84; 891Common
Elite Khazard guard77; 841Common
Exiled kalphite marauder98; 1071Common
Flesh Crawler39; 401Common
Frost dragon1121Common
General malpractitioner841Common
Giant skeleton (Shadow Dungeon)841Common
Golden chinchompa (Squeal of Fortune)N/A5Common
Green dragon631Common
Hobgoblin28; 30; 32; 35; 911Common
Hobgoblin (elite)411Common
Ice troll runt531Common
Jelly63; 681Common
Kalphite Guardian721Common
Kalphite Soldier651Common
Knight of Ardougne531Common
Locust rider751Common
Mighty banshee911–2Common
Moss giant28; 51; 611Common
Mourner33; 79; 851Common
Rare drop tableN/A1–20Common
Ravenous ghoul1051Common

Other sources

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