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Grimy snapdragon detail

A grimy snapdragon is a herb that has not yet been cleaned to make a clean snapdragon. Grimy snapdragons may be grown from a snapdragon seed with a Farming level of 62, giving 98.5 experience for every snapdragon grown. Once planted, the herb takes 80 minutes to fully grow. It is possible to grow 3-18 snapdragons from one seed or 5-24 if using supercompost and magic secateurs.

Cleaning a grimy snapdragon requires a Herblore level of 59 and gives 11.8 Herblore experience. Clean snapdragons are used to make super restore potions and sanfew serums with a Herblore level of 63 and 65 respectively.

Cleaning grimy snapdragon yields a profit/loss of 190 coins per herb.

They are received as a drop from some high levelled monsters like General Graardor. 1-3 grimy snapdragons are a possible reward from the Gnome Restaurant minigame, or from burning vyre corpses in the Columbarium under Paterdomus.They are also a reward from trading in 10 Agility arena tickets from the brimhaven agility course.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Columbarium keyN/A2Common
Legio Primus30410Common
Legio Quartus30410Common
Legio Quintus30410Common
Legio Secundus30410Common
Legio Sextus30410Common
Legio Tertius30410Common
Nex: Angel of Death7000105–150Common
Vampyre Juvinate58; 61; 63; 841Common
Vyre corpseN/A2Common
Mutated jadinko guard961Rare
Mutated jadinko male1001Rare
Automaton Generator84; 1151Uncommon
Automaton Guardian84; 1151Uncommon
Automaton Tracer84; 1151Uncommon
General Graardor210; 62415Uncommon
General Graardor210; 6243Uncommon
Kalphite King250030Uncommon
Mutated jadinko baby931Uncommon
Rare drop tableN/A90–110Uncommon
Sergeant Grimspike1021Uncommon
Sergeant Steelwill1021Uncommon
Sergeant Strongstack1021Uncommon
Shiny columbarium keyN/A2Uncommon
Falador resource bundleN/A1Unknown
Frost dragon1121Very rare


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