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Grotesque Armour was discontinued after an update, but can still be activated if owned.
Grotesque Armour
Grotesque capeGrotesque wings
Release date 28 January 2016 (Update)
Members No
Components 7
Recolourable No
These cosmetics will not display
in PvP-enabled areas.

Grotesque Armour is a set of cosmetic armour pieces that can be constructed by combining grotesque souls, which can be acquired by killing monsters or on Treasure Hunter between 00:00 UTC on 28 January 2016 and 23:59 UTC on 1 February 2016. Players could also obtain a random piece of the armour from Vic's Store for 200 credits between 9 and 23 January 2017 and again between 15 January and 5 February 2018. Grotesque Armour has no combat benefits and is purely a cosmetic override.


The set consists of the following pieces:

  • Grotesque Helm (tier 1/2/3)
  • Grotesque Chest (tier 1/2/3)
  • Grotesque Legs (tier 1/2/3)
  • Grotesque Gloves (tier 1/2/3)
  • Grotesque Boots (tier 1/2/3)
  • Grotesque Cape (tier 1/2/3)
  • Grotesque Wings (tier 1/2/3)


Tier 1 Grotesque armour is unlocked by combining the required amount of grotesque souls (4000 - 10000).

Tier 2 Grotesque armour is unlocked at 7,000 points total.

Tier 3 Grotesque armour is unlocked at 35,000 points total.


Unlocking parts provides slayer experience at a rate of 3 experience per soul used to unlock the part.

You can then gain souls to mutate your armour by either killing monsters or using soul gems. Soul gems cost 500 souls and add 500 points to your soulcount for armour mutation.

Farming them for the entire 96 hour period yields a total of 28,800. A Tier 3 set requires 83,000 grotesque souls total to obtain.

  • 48,000 grotesque souls are needed to combine the full set.
  • 35,000 grotesque souls are needed to fully mutate to tier 3.

A piece of Grotesque armour must be equipped to gain points.

If you choose to mutate your armour by killing creatures, your armour will be upgraded on a points system.

  • + 1 point for killing your current slayer target.
  • + 1 point if the monster you kill has a higher combat level than you.
  • + 1 point if you’re wearing the full Grotesque Armour.

If all these conditions are met, you will gain a total of 3 points per kill.


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